WW1 & WW2 places and sites of interest in Brittany

Discussion in 'Travel' started by theylie, Jul 1, 2012.

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  1. Travelling to Brittany soon. Kinda central Brittany, place called Corlay, sailing to Caen.

    Any WW1 & 2 sight of interest worth a visit? Cemetries etc? Not planning to go towards the atlantic coast and sub pens, but in and around central Brittany?
  2. The nearest WW2 site is the Musée de la Résistance Bretonne - Saint-Marcel about an hour and three-quarters away providing you know the roads – you get a discounted entry with a Brittany Ferries Privilege Card. Other than that there is not much in the way of WW2 relics unless you are willing to travel to St. Nazaire, Lorient or Brest.

    Corlay is a small commune of around 1,000 inhabitants about 31 kilometres from St Brieuc – the nearest big town. Where you are staying is on the edge of the Montagnes Noires so you have interesting places such as Carhaix-Plouguer (market day – Saturday), Huelgoat, Mur-de-Bretagne and the pretty village of St-Gilles-Vieux-Marché. Close to Corlay is Gorge du Corong and the Duault Forest, very interesting two hour walk. Loudéac might interest you if you are in to agricultural fairs and horse racing. As for Corley, not much to keep you entertained – couple of bars and a small supermarket – that is about it. Note: Only buy fuel at Carrefour, E.LeClrec or Intermaerche – will save you around 10-12 cents a litre.

    Huelgoat is a good day out, nice village with good eateries, plus you can walk to Moulins de Chaos and play with the “Trembling Rock” – a 200ton rock that you can move with one hand!!

    The drive from Ouistreham(Caen) to Corlay is very easy:

    Dual-carriageway to Caen Ring Road - junction 3b
    Ring Road to junction 9
    A84 to junction 34 - FREE AUTOROUTE
    N176 to junction with N12
    N12 to junction with D10, then D700 & D790
    A gentle four hours driving..........

    PM me if you want more information – I am Bretonne.
  3. Emsav thanks for the detailed reply. Will send a PM inbound later.
    Can u arrange some sun & no rain since I will be coming from a wet, humid & dreich Ecosse!
  4. Definately go to St. Nazire if you can, what's left is very impressive and well worth the time to visit.
  5. Thought I would just waken this thread up
    Next week, I am leaving on 2 wheels to give away a daughter ( tried to sell her but no takers)
    I had planned to take the pompey ferry to Caen, however its stupidly expensive for one motorbike and two people, and at 8 hours a killer if my pillion gets Mal De Mer ( or me)
    so I decided to go via Dover/Dunkirk with DFDS and at £47 both ways its a bargain
    we plan to cross over late Saturday afternoon and then motor south for a few hours and stop in a Campanile en route
    Sunday morning finish the journey and then visit the Normandy Landing sites
    there are quite a few to see, so are their any interesting little places that we should visit or pay pilgrimage to
    we plan to hang around the area for a few days and then move onto to Italy for Wednesday
    places that are a Must are
    Pegasus bridge
    Sword Juno and Utah beach, perhaps the Canadian Museum
    ST Marie Du Mont and the Dick Winters Memorial
    St Mere Eglise
    Le Mans

    then on to Italy for a week

    on the return leg we plan on going via the lakes to Sankt Moritz, down the Julier passe to Zurich
    stopping at Metz to see more of the city
    and then Verdun
    Amiens Prison ( operation Jericho)
    and the Blockhause

    then back to Dunkirk

    my nephew has put together a digital map with pinpoints so that we can plot the route, I dont mind additional places as we can squeeze them in and make time or locate them and come back

    any useful little interesting places, no matter how small would be much appreciated, I know that their is a pool of knowledge on here, we dont really want the touristy places, small simple memorials adn places to visit are my thing
    my last trip with the arrse team was beyond expectations, and standing listening to Flyingmonkey telling us about the history of so many hidden gems made it memorable
    ( I gotta Go back again)
    ta and many thanks in anticipation
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