WW1 Veteran - Henry Allingham - 110 today



WW1 veteran Henry Allingham celebrated his 110th birthday today. Henry was at Jutland and was with the RAF at day 1 from the RNAS

Happy Birthday Sir!
And after surviving Jutland, I hope you have a few drams tonight

Full Story:

And well done Crab Air for the Flypast

"If I'd known you weren't going to wear your medals, I wouldn't have worn mine."
"I hope you didn't spend too much of your valuable time shopping round for a nice brand of whisky."
Happy Birthday, Henry. And best of luck with those wild, wild women!
Well done Sir!
You are a inspiration to us all & I am honoured to say that as today is my 39th birthday,I will be raising a glass in your honour!

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