WW1 vet Harry Patch dies.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PE4rocks, Jul 25, 2009.

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  1. Linky

  2. RIP - top man, have seen him in a few WW1 programmes.
  3. Very sad news indeed.

    Rumour was that the "government" wanted to give him a state funeral in due course and that Mr Patch objected strongly- please don't let Brown and his cohorts hijack this.
  4. RIP and what an innings.

    Only right that he have a "little bit extra" to mark his passing, maybe not for his funeral mind.

    In a way we are saying good bye to thousands who have never had a funeral, to a generation that we will miss and to a man who was (and by his own admission) very lucky and has (by chance) become the figurehead for those lost over the years.

    I hope we don't end up with brown and other imbeciles waxing lyrical about how he was the "peoples World War One Trench Veteran" or some such sh1t.

    I hope FHM sends off one of their Centuriens in fine style... a lasting reminder to the young lads of today what a true British Man should be.
  5. RIP Harry, that was a bloody good innings.
  6. RIP Harry...Good knock old boy!

    Strange to imagine that the last of our WW1 veterans has passed, all other information about the great war will be second hand from now on!!...Living history has moved into history!

    Edited to add...Treasure our ww2 vets, one day they'll be gone too!!
  7. Have we learned anything from this mans welth of experience about warfare? ------------ Rest now Harry, you old dog, you made it to 111years, ------- the envy of most people!! I salute you sir. :salut:
  8. RIP Harry, I have visions of you laid in you bed in the care home, looking out of the window at all the tommies that went before you and they are beckoning you mate, and saying "It's not that bad at all chum"...Stand down..

    It's suddenly got very dusty in here...
  9. RIP old chap, was only watching "The Last Tommy" on the history channel this morning, very sad but a superb innings.
  10. Rest in peace...
  11. RIP and thankyou.
  12. RIP - rest easy Harry.
  13. No State Funeral, but perhaps a Tablet close to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Westminster Abbey, recording his passing, I think Mr Patch would like that.