WW1 Tanks

There is one in Ashford in Kent, I believe it was used as an electricity sub station, so escaped the scrap man.
Theres the WW1 tank D51 Deborah at Flesquieres, which i saw last September, okay not in England, but its a WW1 tank. :)
I have a photo in a book from my local town, (Denny in Stirlingshire). It is the tank Juilian, on 15th October 1918 and was there as part of the East Stirlingshire Tank Week to raise money for war bonds. The tank was commanded by a Captain McIntosh.

I will copy this photo and post it tomorrow.


This site is worth a look

Funny thing, "the first ever tank was designed and developed, in, Lincoln" in 1916. There's hardly any testament to that fact, apart from an obscure plaque somewhere on Lincoln's Tritton road, if that hasn't been nicked and sold off by developers, or "incomers".
Ref. Pics, Hanni was used by the Russians until 1935. They ' got ' it in 1920. It stands in Kubinka. B.
Scarletto+Genghi, Have you seen the Video of the raising and re-siting of
2/Lt Frank Heap's MK 1V Deborah?? If not it is at

www.tank-cambrai.com Apologies from a beginner if it's OLD HAT to
you both. B.

There is a bit more in Lincoln than that, at the top of the hill on Burton Road is the Museum of Lincolnshire Life they have "Flirt" tucked away inside amongst all the agricultural equipment, from memory (going back at least 10 years since I visited) it gives quite a lot of detail as to how Tanks were developed in the town from farm tractors etc.
Tracker038 said:
These two are in Aberdeen Maryland USA They even Skeletised one of them. B.
If you look carefully at the 'skeleton' tank, you'll see that it bears only a fleeting resemblance to the real 'war babies' of WW1............the tracks are neither the correct width or configuration so I would suggest this was some sort of concept tank that the Americans came up with? Could be wrong but, I think not??

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