WW1 Service Records

Just a quick shout, If anybody is interested in researching family members who served in WW1

www.ancestry.co.uk are allowing you to search and view online records for free for the month of November. You have to register for an account but you don't have to pay to view the records.

Hope this helps!

very interesting thank you; found the attestation document from one of my mothers great uncles. He joined under age in Aug 1914.
That is good news, but now for the bad news:

The records are not complete with massive gaps. This is because, they were hit on day one of the Blitz resulting in:

about 1/3 of records destroyed by fire

about 1/3 of records so damaged by water to be unusable.
Bumper, glad you found something of interest!

as Inf/MP states lots of the records are missing but it's definitely worth taking a few minutes of your time to check while it's still gratis!

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