WW1 research help needed

To all who may be able to help..........

I am trying to track down some / any info on my great grandfather who served during the great war.
Info i have & it is sketchy at best...........
Name = Edmund William Tankerville-Thornton (first & middle names may be round the other way)
Rank = Major
Regt unknown, believed to be cavalry as mom can remember gran haveing spurs & jods from him about the place
number= unknown (bummer i know).

I've tried doing the online search thing, but have drawn a blank. I keep getting pushed to look at at lists WO339 or WO374 at the National Archives at Kew.
I was just wondering if any of you guys had acces to the Army lists & could look him up ?
thanks for any help you can give.............Ted.

Try The Long, Long Trail or The Great War Forum

The first is a very useful reference site and what the guys on the latter site don't know isn't worth bothering about IMHO.

Happy research!

Kind Regards


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Just backing up Berlin`s excellent tips. I collect WW1 medals and whenever I have been stuck, a quick visit, particularly to the Great War Forum, soon points me in the right direction.

Good luck.
To Rockape,

I have a 1914-15 star. It belonged to a distant relative so I will probably be keeping it for sentimental reasons.
Out of curiosity what do you reckon it,s worth. Thanks


I`d need to know to what Regt or Corps your relative served in, whether he was a casualty or not and even what number he was. All these have a direct bearing on the value ie: a low service number casualty who was in a line Regt is worth more than a high service number to say the Army Service Corps. Also, a 1914 Star with the `Mons` clasp dated 5th August- 22 Nov 1914 are more valuable again.

Roughly your relatives medal is worth roughly £30 - £60 depending on provenance to it, photos, Regt diaries etc.

I am pleased that you will be keeping hold of it. Far too many relatives sell on family medals and have no regard whatsoever for the person to whom it was awarded. These medals are part of our history and should remain in the family. Right, off my high horse now.

Hope that was useful to you Chippie and didn`t bore the arse of you. If you need any further help, give me a shout.



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Marmoset, this may be no help at all but if you can't get to Kew there is a very full set of Army Lists in Portsmouth Central Library in its genealogy section (take id).
thanks for all the helps & tips so far, still coming up negative via t'nternet.
managed to find a bit more about him. He was born in Skipton, Lancashire & was deffinatly a Major & survived the great war.
Looks like i will have to head on down to Kew for any further developments.
thanks again for all the pointers.
If you know his name, surname even, try the London Gazette for his commission announcement. Could be worth a shout.
According to the London Gazette, he may have been the original bloke that couldn't organise a pi$$ up in a brewery :) :

NOTICE is hereby given that the Partnership lately subsisting between us the undersigned Charles Arthur Clarens Berrall and Edmund William Tankerville Thornton carrying on business as Brewers Wine and Spirit Merchants and Makers and Vendors of Aerated Waters at Wilmington Dartford and Lewisham respectively in the county of Kent under the style or firm of the Wilmington Brewery Company has been dissolved
as from the 15th day of June 1895 by mutual consent.—
Dated this 15th day of June 1895.
http://www.gazettes-online.co.uk/Vi...pe=ArchivedIssuePage&all=Tankerville-Thornton &exact=&atleast=&similar=
This is how he came by the brewery:

NOTICE is hereby given, that the Partnership heretofore
existing between us the undersigned,
Walter Randolph le Hardy Caswall and Charles Arthur
Clarens.Berrall, carrying on business> at the Wilmington
Brewery, and 14, Hythe-street, Dartford. in the county
of Kent, as Brewers, Wine and Spirit Merchants, and
Mineral Water Manufacturers, under the style or firm of
Caswall and Berrall, has been this day dissolved by
mutual consent, the said Walter Randolph le Hardy
Caswall having retired from the said business, and his
.share.and interest in the same having been transferred
.to Edmund William Tankerville Thornton. All debts
and.claims, owing to or by the said Partnership will be
received and paid by the said Charles Arthur Clarens
'Berrall and Edmund William Tankerville Thornton, who
.will continue the said business under the style or firm
of. the Wilmington Brewery.—Dated this 20th day of
March; 1893.
http://www.gazettes-online.co.uk/Vi...pe=ArchivedIssuePage&all=Tankerville-Thornton &exact=&atleast=&similar=
thats great stuff !
love the bit about the brewery, he must be the feller. Interesting about the Scottish Regt though, but i would'nt think there would be too many chaps around with a name like that !.
Nice one guys. I was also just about to shout Great War Forum! The dead have loads of info on them and if he was an officer, he will be listed in the Battalion War diary! Try local papers of the period, museums, Regimental or Battalion museum and don't forget Granny or Aunty Lille, you never know what they have in the ol biccy tin in the botom drawer! :wink:
The great War Forum paid out :D V-Impressed with the knowlege base & detective skills.


I've dropped a link to the thread on there if anyone is interested as they found out quite a bit, also the missing Major turns out to be his Dad.

thanks for all the help guys,
cheers Ted.

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