WW1 Play - the jocks


I remember at school, reading the screenplay/ script for a famous play about the jocks in WW1. I am fairly sure we read the script and watched the revised play on video, but I cannot for the life of me remember the title of the it!

My dear silver haired mother is asking about it, and I would quite like to give her the info. All I can remember was it was one of those "bitter-sweet" jobbies, where the Jocks, kilt-laden and horribly brave, all died in the trenches, but were brought to heaven by am angel at the end.

I have to say, it was horribly sad, but very good. Additionally, does anyone remember a similar book and play about Captain Stanhope in WW1?
The second one is Journey's End by RC Sheriff.

He served in the trenches during WW1, so it's written from first hand experience.

Never heard of the first.
I've been looking through some old videos and found the recording I made of The Big Picnic in 1996. VHS - 2 hours long.

- if anyone's interested?

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