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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Private_Pike, Nov 1, 2005.

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  1. My great grandfather served in the great war. During his service he was awarded the MM and other assorted decorations. Unfortunately a few years go some scrote burgled my parents home and stole them and all the citations and records we had kept. Luckily three of his medals were recovered but everything else has gone. Is there anywhere I can look to get details of award of the MM. Realise this is probably impossible as records must have been very vague given large numbers of men in service and gongs awarded. On his MM it was inscribed Dvr E Beeson R.A.S.C and his service number. I've tried London Gazette but nothing on there.
  2. Doing something similar myself at the moment, try here for a good place to start :

    Info on research
  3. Thanks , Adjustable :D
  4. Thanks Adjustable, Just found me Great Grandads details

    Initials: W
    Nationality: United Kingdom
    Rank: Private
    Regiment: Leicestershire Regiment
    Unit Text: 2nd Bn.
    Age: 28
    Date of Death: 29/05/1918
    Service No: 18956
    Additional information: Husband of Annie Louisa Buncher, of 41, Gray St., Leicester.
    Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead
    Grave/Memorial Reference: K. 62.
  5. No probs chaps, glad to help (took me a week to find that site)
  6. my Grandfather also won the MM in the First World War. You can get a copy of the Medal issue card from the PRO, which will tell you when it was awarded and his Name Rank and Regt/Corps.

    You can also search for the entry in the London Gazette, but that gives you no more info than the MIC.

    The bad news is that there were no citations for the award of the MM until the Second World War, so unless you can find an entry in a War Diary from the unit involved or there is some other documentary, anecdotal evidence than you won't be able, as I have not, to find out why the medal was issued.
  7. Thanks Plant Pilot found the medal card and now know his unit. Will now try to find details on how he was awarded it. :D
  8. You can write to the public records office at Kew, they might still have his service papers although a lot were destroyed during the Blitz. You will also be able to get hold of his medal index card, you can do this on line. Finally, the London Gazzette will hold details of his MM, however, citations are very rare for this medal. The RASC Museum might be able to help?
  9. The local papers, might have run a story on him, might be worth a try. Have you visited the Great War Forum website, very useful, a wealth of knowlodge on it, well worth a visit.
  10. Thanks Bigjar, have found out that he was in 2nd Div train ASC attached to 4th Guards.
  11. PP,

    Now you have that information, you should be able to track down the unit's War Diary which will be in the PRO at Kew. Don't expect too much information as they are often very brief - but it should give you a flavour of what was going on at the time.

  12. Hi i have just come across your post of your great grandad william buncher 18956 i am his great great grandaughter and have also been researching info on him i have managed to get photos of him if you are interested please get in touch would be glad to help and find out which part of the family you are fromage thanx
  13. Considering that Wingman's post was nearly 9 years ago and he/she has not logged on for over 7 months, you may be out of luck. If you PM his profile, he should receive the notification.

    If you have no response, you can fire of a mail to the Forum Moderator(s), they may in turn forward it to Wingman's off-world email address.