WW1 Memorial lying in a scrap yard!!

A friend of mine was visiting a Scrap & Reclamation Yard at Nutts Corner, Co Antrim recently and noticed a marble slab lying in the scrap yard in memory of the fallen WW1 workers of Harland & Wolfe shipyard, Belfast.

My friend was so annoyed about this that she is threatening to go to her MP/MLA about this. She feels this is not the kind of memorial that should be lying in a scrap yard.

I tend to agree with her but what do you al think?

I agree with your oppo, this should be recovered. Local RBL might be a good start point if MPs disinterested. Ask her to keep us up to speed on this please, for it is an important issue.

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First thing first- you have asked the yard owner to put it aside, correct?

Secondly, it might be worth seeing if H&W replaced the memorial. After all, I would imagine they lost a few bods in WWII also.

No point in flying off the handle just yet, but it's worth further investigation.
Not long ago Ian Hislop made a programme about "lost" memorials.

I believe that there is a group that will at the very least take possession of the memorial for safe keeping until it can be restored to its rightful place or re-located.

Buggered if I can remember what organisation did this though! :oops:
Tango0A - point your mate at this bunch...

War Memorials Trust 4 Lower Belgrave Street London SW1W 0LA
Telephone: charity: 020 7259 0403 conservation: 020 7881 0862 fax: 020 7259 0296
Web: email: info@warmemorials.org www.warmemorials.org
Registered Charity No: 1062255


I had a similar to do in Montreal in 2001. I wasvisiting family and myGt Uncle told me about the memorial to my Grandfather. I searched the store and it was gone. I didnt have the heart to tell Gt Uncle Bill but I called Mum who rang the Canadian Legion who I think acted! They frown upon this sort of event!
To be fair, there was nearly an episode of war memorial out with the trash in 103 AD Regt back in the eighties - I can't remember which battery. The TAC was being modernised and nobody told the builder to keep the memorial - probably because nobody had thought of it. Luckily it was rescued from a skip and restored to its rightful place. Come to think of it, it may have been the nineties...
Crabastic may be correct on this. I cannot see H&W discarding a Memorial to the men and women without a replacement...Ring H&W or a Belfast tabloid and ask them!!!
You may get this solved very quickly if you inform the Somme Heritage Center. The Somme Association have their center in between Bangor and Newtownards and it is well worth the visit. They have many War memorials from old churches and buildings that have since been pulled down. I am sure they would be able to help. Their contact email is:


Their phone number is:


Hope this is of somne help. Keep us informed of what hapens.


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