WW1 Medals - Old Photo Restoration

I'm attempting to restore an old pic for a neighbour; his father is the guy with the Swastika. He was a PoW and stayed in England after the war, marrying his English mother shortly after the war.

The women to the right of him are his mum and granny; the guy to the left is his Opa.

I'm interested to know what his Opa's medals are, if there's any history buffs here, or anything else of interest that you can tell from the photo. He thinks the photo is from 1938 and his father was in the Hitler Youth at the time.

Thanks in advance.


The medals are here:



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I suspect the Honour Cross (so-called Hindenburg Cross) and the Iron Cross 2nd Class:

It might be a three-medal bar, rather hard to tell - I am not sure what any third medal would be

A quick once-over for you. Unfortunately, I took the Luftwaffe lapel badge off as I thought it was a scratch at first.

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