WW1 Medal Record Cards

Guys, using the free access to the medal index cards that's on offer at the moment. And, i've found my relatives card. There isn't much info as he was only in France from February til April 1916 before he was killed.

I can see he was eligible for two medals(i think) The victory medal and the war medal. But, under remarks, there is info that i am totally baffled by(not hard...!)

Would anyone be able to work this out,please?

Many thanks



Have tried to find Para 992 without luck. However, the term Rel? after the medals indicates a query regarding relatives as the medals would be issued to NOK. The issuing office is obviously trying to identify who to send them to.
Have a look at the Great War forum, they have a section on interpreting medal cards and service records. You`ll have to register but it`s worth it as someone may have some info already on your relative. Great War Forum
Not sure about Rel? Could it be 'Ret' meaning returned?
Adt is usually 'adjustment' to the medals awarded, which could mean they have been re-engraved because the details were incorrect, although it could mean something else. the 1923, looks like a date the medals were re-engraved or returned for this. I'm wondering if the 992 KF is a reference to another record with more information, like another roll number or something.


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These are always interesting, I found out my great grandfather transferred to the RAF after the war when I downloaded his medal card, something no one in the family had a clue about.
Thanks for the replies guys, very much appreciated!

I'm wondering if his age has some bearing upon the info on the card? He was 14 when he joined up and 15 when killed. This may have created some consternation at the time perhaps? His family still live in the same village in Donegal as they did back then, so not sure about them having issues with NOKIA..?

Again, appreciate the help!

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