WW1 Lads found


The remains of three British soldiers who died at Ypres in 1914 have been recovered by amateur archaeologists.

One body from the World War I Belgium battlefield has been provisionally identified as Pte Richard Lancaster from the Royal Lancashire Fusiliers.

The remains were found in a sector of the Ypres salient - a bulge in the frontline - called Plug Street Wood.

Two of the bodies had no identification but the third had an ID tag with a surname and number.

Based on information from the 1901 census the archaeologists believe Pte Lancaster was born in Preston in 1883.

He died in November 1914 during the first months of the war. His name stands on the memorial to the missing at Plug Street Wood.

If the identification is confirmed his name can be removed and his body buried in one of the war cemeteries there.

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I live here guys and many bodies are found un officialy every week! If found by my local farmers, they are just ploughed away or broken up! If found by builders, most are quickly covered back up! To inform the authorities, is to invite down tools and lost money. That is how it is! These people live with it and have done all of their lives, it is no big deal to them! If found by the recovery teams, all will get the time honoured military burial, what ever the nationality. I have watched, at least a dozen bodies being recovered around my town of Ypres this year alone, none were positively identified, this one is the first hopefully!The other problem is unexploded ordanance. It is everywhere and extremely dangerous. Several farmers and groundworkers are blown up or gassed every year here! Who ever they are, RIP lads.

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