WW1 History for 13 yr old

Eldest daughter is off to France on a school trip in the autumn. They'll do some WW1 battle fields and (I hope) the Menin Gate. What I am after is a decent history of the War, written for teenagers that doesn't peddle the usual trendy lefty falsehood. Something along the lines of "Mud,Blood & Poppycock" or "Tommy" but for the younger reader.

any ideas?
The Daily Telegraph pictorial History of World War One, all twenty volumes, recently in reprint for the give away price of £200


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"Voices from the Trenches" Excellent and easy read.
At that age I would not suggest any thing other than a decent adult history book, anything else would be insulting.

In any reading list I would include 'Memoirs of a Fox Hunting Man', and Forgotten Voices of the Great War by Max Arthur.
I'm wondering whether it would also be useful for her to read some of the poetry from the First World War? I was introduced to Dulce et decorum est by Wilfred Owen in the fifth form and it made a lasting impression on me, as did the other poets of the WW1 battlefields. In Flanders Fields would be a good suggestion too.

I recollect that a friend who teaches history at secondary level told me that kids like a series called Horrible Histories and I see that the author has written one on WW1:


You might wish to look at the book yourself, though - I'd hate you to order it online then loathe it, so here is a link to Waterstone's too. This page allows you to check the stock in your local branch - if it's in, pop along and check it out:

I recently heard part of a radio dramatisation of Private Peaceful. I might get a copy to read myself then pass it on. My only concern is that it focusses on someone about to be shot for cowardice or whatever reason-these relatively infrequent incidents have a disproportionate amount of attention given to them. I don't know if they are studying the war poets but that is an excellent suggestion. Thanks for the ideas-the focus seems to be on the individuals' experience which is right for this age group, I think


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I read this very recently and found it enthralling. My 12 year old nephew also read it, so may be suitable.
Voices and Images by Lyn MacDonald is a good read, infact any of the Lyn MacDonald books would be good material...
My young `un recently studied this very subject at his school. We found the following site quite useful;


Informing without being patronising (unusual for Auntie, I thought).

It`s a great subject, hope your young `un enjoys it as much as mine did.

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