WW1 German re-enactors. Who did this?


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Or perhaps more importantly, which Arrse Mod will admit to cruising 'walt like' re-enactment sites?

Go on......which period costume do you slip into at the weekend? Promise, I won't tell. :winkrazz:
I'm quite open about my WW1 fetish. :)


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Are you brave enough to post some phots? Piss taking aside, I would be interested to see 'em.




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Tartan_Terrier said:
I hope my recent posting of a WW1 pic in the gallery doesn't put me under suspicion.

Are there many WW1 reenactment groups in the UK?


There is a WW1 group that act as RAMC Medics. Spoke to one of them once, and he took it very seriously, knew everything about WW1 medics and medicine of that era. brilliant.

No, i didn't join as I was serving...............BUT I WOULD NOW!


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midnight said:
Wrong war,but don´t tell him.........................

That must have been taken towards the end of the war when the German Army were bloody short of manpower!
midnight said:
Wrong war,but don´t tell him.........................

Terrible. Gives re-enactors a bad name.
nice east german tunic hes not wearing well its not touching his body and his cufftitles not sewn on,,,,def not 2 bglah...your right gives reenactors a bad name...
The WW1 medics are run by the National Army Museum and give a damn good presentation. They also portray the RFC very well with a hilarious sketch on dog fights.

Our group portray the 1st Birmingham Battalion "Birmingham Pals". We also have a nursing section for female members which includes QA, FANY and Red Cross.

Our website is a bit crap and in dire need of updating for photos and info, but we have done film and TV work plus a book for Dorling Kindersley due for release in the Autumn.

Cover from view is not cover from fire:
http://www.birminghampals.org/ww1/ww06.htm :D
Who persauded West Mids Police to let them have a live Vickers?! Good drills!

A problem the serious Military History groups face which is also seen in most war films is that the troops are always too old. I suppose in Living History this inevitable as young folk are too busy having sex and other fun but it always annoys me in films. Wonder how old the actor playing the 24 year old Guy Gibson will be in the new Dambusters film?
We try to recruit younger members but as you say too many other distractions. Also it can be quite expensive to get the kit. Older guys have more gear due to years of collecting.
midnight said:
Wrong war,but don´t tell him.........................

Fuck me, fine specimen of the Aryan race of Supermen there isn't it.

Why do these people always have to adorn themselves with Iron Crosses. They look like right muppets anyway, without decorating themselves.

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