Ww1 german postcards

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by retread2, Feb 8, 2013.

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  1. When I was in Berlin (79 - 80) I picked up a slack handful of WW1 German postcards. They are in various conditions, some having been posted home (Dear Mutti etc).

    I'll upload one and if anyone is interested I'll upload the rest. Some are in hospitals and they are all quite different. On going through them, one might even be just pre-WW2. I'm sure someone out there can tell me.

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  2. Ah, yes. That would be the unit photo taken just before four of them were shot by the rest for not having their buttons done up.
  3. Officer walts?
  4. Tell you what, though. Look at the quality of the image and it tells you that the Germans not only made better camera lenses than us but also their photographers were better at judging exposure and processing the film/plate.

    If the rest of the postcards are this quality, they'd be worthy of a thread in the Photography forum.
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  5. More please. Anything on the back of the cards?
  6. This would make an excellent thread. If you decide not to publish would you mind emailing me the collection?

  7. Yes there is on some, one identifies the unit, another has the feldpost number and one is on a railway platfor with the station name in cyrillic. The one I have posted is probably the best, but some are relatively un-posed. I'll post the backs where there is something to show.
  8. Happy to do both.
  9. I'd be interested I seeing the rest of the postcards if you would post them up, especially if they're un-posed
  10. Hospital shot - nothing on the back. I'm going to have to re-size some of them, 'manage attachments' keeps rejecting them!

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  11. A right bunch, 'BahnhofsKommandantur' = railway something? I can't upload the back, I'll re-size it tomorrow.

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  12. Another hospital shot.

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  13. Is that Adolph in the front?
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  14. Very interesting, I have a wedge of Bairnsfather postcards. The ones I like have been posted, stamps and a message. These are not liked by 'collectors' but each to his own I suppose.
  15. Railway Station Commander's Office - Like a RHQ