WW1 German? bunker

I'm just back from a trip to France. Whilst doing a bit of walking in the Vosges mountains, I saw the remains of what I believe to have been German defences from WW1 on the summit of Petit Ballon.

Apart from the remains of the trenches, there were the ruins of two concrete structures which seemed a bit unusual.

They were around 3 metres in width, with a 80-90cm thick roof reinforced with sections of railway line.

The roof was around 1.5 metres x 3 metres. There were two downwards sloping projections around 1.5 metres long at the front. Between the two projections were two steel rails sunk into the concrete floor.

I couldn't judge the height inside the position as it was filled with dirt and rubble.

Does anyone know what it was used for? I thought perhaps an MG as it seemed a bit small for anything else.

TT - I spent a couple of summers there as a teenager in a farmhouse, the place was littered with trenches tho never saw bunkers. There was toing and froing between Germans and France in July/August 14 before the whole thing kicked off. More recently the friend whose farmhouse it was took me to a cemetary in which there were about 25 British graves - all CWGC stones - of people who died around Sept/Oct 18. Given the dates and the plethora of regiments I presumed they were PWs and died from the 'flu epidemic that was beginnign its travels thro Europe. A fasciatning and unstudied part of Europe which also has a superb car museum in Mulhouse, along with the train one, and the castle of Haut Konigsberg.
Tartan_Terrier said:
Does anyone know what it was used for? I thought perhaps an MG as it seemed a bit small for anything else.
Only seen a few, but they were constructed to be string towards the enemy and weak at the back. Once captured, we used to use them for CP's etc and had to improvise improvements.

Wasn't MG the main weapon, so I wouldn't expect artillery to be using like they did in WW2.

WW1 tours are so fascinating, its little things like you've mentioned that makes it so. It wasn't trench warfare as we understand it

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