WW1 French Silk Postcards

I have been an avid Deltiologist since the age of 10yrs when a neighbour kindly gave me a number of WW1 patriotic and French silk embroidered postcards. I have collected them (and many other other Themes and Topics) for well over 50 years. Deltiology for anyone who may not know, is the art of studying and collecting of postcards.
These embroidered silk postcards were sent by WW1 soldiers in France, to their loved ones at home and some of the messages on them (written in pencil of course) are quite heart rendering. A few were in fact hand embroidered , but the vast majority were made on a loom set up in a room in the home, a real cottage industry, and all the family participated in tending the loom to produce the embroidered silk.
If you can imagine a piece of white organza about the size of a tea-towel and made into sections , each divided by a loop kind of perforated edge, (so the sections could be easily and safely seperated with a cutting machine). The pattern would be followed with all the different coloured silks onto the design , and after so many where completed , someone came to gather them up from the houses and then sent to the factory to be made into postcards. There were factories producing them too, but usually in the larger towns where more people could man the looms.
The regimental and campaign cards can fetch prices over £60 each, they are quite stunning, but there are many just flowers with a message that are so beautiful. Some are made into an envelope shape, the back of which is the card , and the silk envelope set within a border to hold it secure. There is usually a little card inside to write a message on, and some of these, especially by the designer Xavier Sager ,are themselves real collectors items. I have lots of detailed history should anyone be interested. Here are a few that are particulary nice.

Msc Ptrc ww1 Silk Scan (24).jpg

Msc Ptrc ww1 Silk Scan (16).jpg

Msc Ptrc ww1 Silk Scan (15).jpg

Msc Ptrc ww1 Silk Scan (11).jpg


Msc Ptrc ww1 Silk Scan (1).jpg



. Msc Ptrc ww1 Silk Scan (8).jpg

Msc Ptrc ww1 Silk Scan (21).jpg

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