WW1 Flight Sim.

Eager to encourage the martial spirit in my son and heir, I am looking for a WW1 flight sim that will give him something to play with on an old laptop that I've given him.

I know there are 342 million WW2 sims out there, but I reckon that the WW1 versions would be slower and easier for him to play. Besides which, I think the old biplanes were the dogs nuts.

I've looked all over the web and can't seem to find anything suitable, so if anyone can provide any pointers I'd appreciate it.

Edited to add.... I'm not looking for an online game, just a stand-alone pc jobby.


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Good news: Knights of the Sky. Fun, easy to play, colourful and addictive.

Bad news: You'll have to d1ck about with all sorts of Amiga emulation nonsense to get it to work on a modern PC.

I should have some links and such at home so will have a dig about when I get back.
i used to play one called flying corps, but that was many years ago... it probable looks ugly as sin these days. was good fun all the same.

if memory serves it could also become exceptionally boring at times flying to waypoints and trying to figure out if the tiny dots in the distance needed shooting down or not.
Rise of Flight.

Only just out, and absolutely beautiful. Requires a pretty high spec PC with 2.3ghz processor to run it properly though.

Might be abit advanced for him> How old is he?

You tube has several gameplay vids that will impress. I think there is also an official website with more info.

(I haven't actually played it yet, because I am planning and finding funds for a super custom built PC to run all manner of flight sims and online multiplayer games effortlessly, a serious bit of gamers kit!)


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I used to be addicted to Great War fighter games ...

Wings of Glory 1994

Knights of the Sky 1994-96

Air Warrior 1997-98 (used to play online through AOL)

Air Warrior II 1998-2001

Red Baron II 2000 onwards


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In thinking about it further, I also played a Great War dogfighting board game while I was still in high school ...

Thanks again for all the replies folks.

Kam99... I've download the Red Baron pack but is seems the laptop in question needs a more manly graphics card, so I'm going to install it on my main laptop and see if it works then, which it should.

Walt of the walts... Rise of Flight does indeed look like the dogs doodahs, but it's pricey and a lot of the reviews state that you have to go through a nightmare maze of configurations everytime you want to play it. Is that your experience?

Edit...Sorry Walt, ignore that last bit, I've just seen you haven't play it yet.

Flash .... I've got MS CFS 2 somewhere, but I was unaware that I could add aircraft etc to it so thanks for that. I think the one I have is the Pacific war version, so it should be interesting seeing SE5a's and Eindeckers slogging it out over Guadalcanal... :)

I've ordered a couple of the older games from Amazon for only a couple of quid each, but I'm still very open to suggestions.

Thanks again.

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