WW1 event at iwm London this weekend

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Poppy, Nov 20, 2008.

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  1. Ths sounds interesting......

    Special Events
    Priestley’s Wars: The untold story of J B Priestley’s role at the centre of British twentieth century history
    Sunday 23 November 3.00pm
    Join author and historian Neil Hanson in conversation with Tom Priestley talking about his unique perspective on the life and work of his father, J B Priestley. Looking at his journey from enthusiastic soldier in the First World War to passionate opponent to nuclear war and cofounder of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, this is an exclusive chance to discover the remarkable story of one of the literary giants of the twentieth century and his role in the military conflict and social change that defined an era.

    Actors Timothy West and Ken Cranham will read Priestley’s previously unpublished letters from the First World War battlefields which vividly evoke the full horrors of trench warfare and mark the start of a transformation that would ultimately make Priestley one of the most influential voices for peace and disarmament.

    Tickets: £7, Concessions £5 (includes Members of CND and the Priestley Society)
    Book online, call 020 7416 5439 or email boxoffice@iwm.org.uk

    Reflections on Britain’s Contribution to the First World War
    Saturday 6 December 1.00pm
    To mark the ninetieth anniversary of the Armistice and the re-release of his bestselling book First World War, join leading historian and author Sir Martin Gilbert for a look at Britain during the Great War.

    Tickets: £7 Adult, £5 Concession
    Book online, call 020 7416 5439 or email boxoffice@iwm.org.uk
  2. Where do the entrance fees go ?
  3. to fund the museum I would guess - it is free to enter except for special events and exhibitions
    why not ring them and ask?
  4. Whoops - inadvertant (pi$$ed) copy while cut 'n pasting to fellow pish-heads.

    Event(s) recommended though, especially if Pop..... (censored).