WW1 compass spotted in Melbourne Antiques shop, 8th Gurkha's with owner's name

Discussion in 'Gurkhas' started by tempuser, Mar 18, 2012.

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  1. I spotted a WW1 compass in an Antiques shop in Melbourne, Australia, thought I'd mention it here in case anyone was interested.

    The label states:
    "WW1 Verner's pattern MKVIII miltary compass. Dated 1917. In very good condition with mother of pearl dial, the brass lid retains most of its original black finish, a strong hinge with brass knob on the side for transit locking of dial. In a leather case with the name of the original owner Captain AM Kennedy 8th Gurkhas. In good working order, a fine, clean example of a WW1 prismatic marching compass with a little history.
    $750 AUD".

    I also took a photo, attached.

    The shop website is : Home

    View attachment 69262
  2. Bouillabaisse

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    If you haven't got permission from the site owners to advertise on here your account's going to last about 5 minutes. Just saying
  3. There are a few arrsers who have a interest in WW1 items.

    If you are Melbourne Antiques, then be up front.

    I have a interest in British/Commonwealth WW1 uniforms, webbing, tools etc.

    Send me a PM of what you have.
  4. Hi,

    just to clarify; I'm not Melboune Antiques and have no connection. I was in there at the weekend with the Mrs (we go in about once a month) and spotted this item. Since it had a name and "Gurkhas" on it I thought there may be a forum where I could let someone know, so did a google search and ended up here.
  5. Captain Angus Menzies Kennedy went on to win a MC, gazetted 1-1-19. A brief bio:

    He was commissioned again in 1940, into the Gordons. Whether he then became Lt Col or had been Lt Col before retiring in '35 is unclear.
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