WW1 Combat Footage

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Carter., Jun 23, 2013.

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  1. Ta for the website. As for Combat footage I doubt it. More like filmed for the masses somewhere safe, or it's a brave cameraman up a tree or tower during a bombardment.
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  2. I liked the comment `shells maimed land and bodies alike`somehow I think maiming people was a bit more serious.
  3. And they said 'Shrapnel'!
  4. May want to put a NSFW on that. As you say, horrible website...
  5. Definitely staged. I seem to remember that after the Somme a rather large scale re enactment was carried out to show the folks back home.

    No man land stops in the footage. Nobody gets killed and as has already been pointed out it was filmed from an elevated position.

    What's there a hot Chinese bird on a spit roast with the pole in her mouth?
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  6. I remember seeing a documentary trying to figure out if some ww1 footage was genuine combat or a training ex. Turns out it was real and you can see tommies going up a hill and being hit by what must have been long range mg fire. The way you see one fall left little doubt. Cant remember for the life of me what the programme was called though
  7. It's the Somme Film, joey_deacons_lad and after the mine at Hawthorn Redoubt, you see men of (I believe) the Lancashire Fusiliers moving forward in the first wave. You then see men begin to drop. No whirling or anything like the movies; they just sink downwards. It quickly cuts to a later (I think it was the 5th) wave, where the men are moving forward. Also has the iconic footage of the soldier carrying a wounded comrade through a trench and the equally iconic (but staged, unlike the LFs moving forward) footage of a section of men going over the top.

    This one looks very staged. They're running quickly through a bombardment; they don't look they have rifles, let alone packs or other equipment, and no one *actually* appears to be dying. There's also no fire coming in either, just explosions with men running through. The footage was probably aiming to give the people back home a 'sense' of what the front was like.

    Also, I'm kinda creeped out you found that website...

    Also, there was a book published by the Daily Mail or something, in the interwar period. I can't think of its actual name, but I always thought of it as 'the black book' and had a series of really graphic pictures of the First World War, the aim being to show the real horror of war to prevent a repeat. Some really shocking stuff, moreso, arguably than what little film there was. It also had some 'action shots' which were really quite rare. Fascinating book for many reasons.

    Found it, it was by the Daily Express and called Covenants With Death. Very, very intersting publication indeed:


    When I'm back home I might put some images up.
  8. I found the smoke film with the lip reader giving voice to the silent film footage quite moving. And very familiar :)
  9. Ah thats the one, it had a historian who is in all sorts of interesting stuff doing the investigating. And do show some of the images you have
  10. Ref Hill 62 and the 3D pictures. Something very similar at Verdun in the museum. Some of the grimmest picrures I have ever seen. Whole hillsides covered with bits of bodies and trenches full of the dead. One particular nasty one was a bloke sitting having a fag with half a torso above his head on the wire. Grim...

  11. For some reason, seeing it in 3d really brought it to life