WW1 Canadian Trenches, Shorncliffe.

Dear All,

Prior to our society taking over Shorncliffe Redoubt and heritage park, we need to assess to potential military archaeology on the site.

Shorncliffe was made famous by Sir John Moore and the 95th Rifles in 1803 and is the birthplace of the British Light Infantry. During WW1 it saw countless regiments pass through on their way to the front and became home to the Canadians, some thing the locals still mark today due to the soldiers kindness to the local community. Snadgate is the only town to celebrate Canada Day each year and place flowwers on the Canadian graves at Shorncliffe.

One of our primary objectives is to rebuild and regenerate the World War 1 trench system on the site for educational purposes. We plan to make these trenches live again with the men, sounds and even smells of how they were 90 years ago. Students and visitors will be able to get an accurate feel of what it was like to train for the horrors of France and Belgium and follow in their footsteps of Grandfathers and family members.

We will be holding this event on Sunday 29th March 2009. To volunteer for this project please join as a member of the SRPS SRPS and indicate you would like to be involved on the 29th. Members will be contacted directly. We only require a limited number of people for the survey and this event will be physically challenging. All member applicants will be taken on a first come first served basis, contact details are on the poster attached. All visitors/spectators are welcome to watch and support us on the day. Please feel free to pass this onto friends.

I hope Shorncliffe and the men who dug and trained in the trenches can count on your support.

Best wishes

Chris Shaw
P.s. I have photo's and film link of Canadians, training at Shorncliffe during WW1.
Dear all,

I would like to say a huge thank you to all those who supported this event. The volunteers worked hard and the re-enactors looked fantastic, especially against the backdrop of WW1 trenches their forefathers manned.

The outcome of the day was a greater understanding of what the SRPS has on the land and how to implement and achieve our long term goals.

Best wishes

Chris Shaw
Chairman - SRPS
Not only is Shorncliffe the birthplace of the LI, it is also the birthplace of ME!!!!!
In 1962 in a Nissen Hut at Shorncliffe Military Hospital! It's now a housing estate.... I think?
I found the whole process so shocking I couldn't speak for nearly two years :)

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