WW1 Brass knucks

Any idea who the maker is ? It is made out of bronze. 7.62mm drill rd for size comparison.


I can barely make out some letters above the date. This is probably the manufacturer's name. Do you have a clearer picture?

cdo_gunner said:
Could you imagine those things being issued in this day and age? :lol: 8O
I used to drink in a pub some years ago in which the landlord had a set of brass knuckle dusters behind the bar, and on display.

They were for "decoration", alledgedly. :wink: A relic from when the place was used by miners,who occasionally got biffed but the landlord when they got a bit chopsy with him or each other!!

Not been in that particular establishment for manys a year,and I would expect that they have now been removed due to the mamby pamby squad. :evil:
ISTR that all manner of barbaric 'trench raiding' equipment was produced by both sides during The First World War, the knuckle duster being one of the less barbaric ones.
It's not too disimilar to one I bought in France in the 1980's after Mrs Tombs and myself were very nearly mugged one night after leaving a resturant. (we both turned and walked straight at the little turd as he made his move to grab her handbag, he ran away!)
The next morning we arrived at the town of Orange and I found a shop with a huge selection of them, the proprietor rather in the manner of an old fashioned jewellers demonstrated a selection for me and helped me choose one.

I keep it in my little handbag (which I will never admit to owning) for holidays in France.
any idea where i can get a set ?