WW1 Battlefield trips stopped for trainee soldiers?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by SOREN, Apr 11, 2010.

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  1. Word on the mean streets of Ieper is that the young British Army trainee soldiers are not coming on their 2 day excursions to the battlefields anymore, the government used to pay 80% for the trip and the soldiers 20% this has now been stopped.... could this be true?
  2. I hope not, But , when we did them there were people still about who had been there on the day,when we were at the Somme I saw where my dad got wounded, but the best one was Arnheim, with Maj gen Frost and AcSM J C Lord, and other ex Paras it was fascinating to walk the routes taken ,with men who were there.
  3. This is a real shame, always very poignant seeing these young men & Women on the threshold of their army careers and possibly only weeks from serving in Afghanistan under the Menin gate remembering their regimental ancestors
  4. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    When you went they were still clearing the battlefields :D
  5. sounds to me that our Government don't want to highlight the horrors of war too much just in case the trainees do a runner back to civvy street!
  6. This sort of thing is happening to the light blue - this is because whilst the MoD is trying to maintain money for adventure training as a recruiting/retention measure (because we all get in our entitled 2 weeks a year don't we) the budgets for Force Development and staff rides has been slashed.

    Because it is easier to explain the fact of how rock climbing, hill whinging and paddling a funny shaped boat can make you a better serviceman but not how an understanding of previous battles to find some sort of esprit de corps can develop the moral component.
  7. Roger that. :soldier:I mean Soren's post.Oh god the white wine :oops:
  8. Be a pity that, enjoyed showing junior paras round Arnhem.
  9. It's still happening at the moment so they haven't slashed it yet.

    I remember when I was in training two years ago they where discussing an option to slash the funding for it so the SuT has to pay the entirety of the £200 and make it an optional undertaking. I'm sure the alternative being three extra days of PT and other mind numbing training most would happily pay it on the spot.
  10. Yes Tis true,

    The realities of war visit to the WW1 Battlefields have been suspended.

    They will however now visit the Imperial war museum, the D-Day Museum (Pompey) and on the Sunday pay a visit to the local Commenwealth graveyard in Pirbright village.
  11. Well, although I expect people enjoy the trips, we never had them in my day, and I doubt the cutting of them will make anyone decide not to join, or to leave.
  12. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Based on our recent experiences I wish they took place when I joined, this weekend will be another great one where we get to learn more. But sad as it is that they may not continue, I have to agree with you, it will just delay their interest in that time, of that I'm sure.

  13. Going by his stories, I would have said prepping them in readyness for Joan of Arc.
  14. To be honest they where not particularly useful anyway. Two days is not enough time. I remember when I went on mine it was a whirlwind experience that only served to break the monotony. The travelling took most of the time and then it was a case of visit a site, spend what seemed like seconds there, listen to someone waffle something quickly and then onto the next one, rinse and repeat. The only useful component was the visit to the Menin gate. There just wasn't enough time to really stop and reflect on what we where looking at.
  15. I couldn't find my name on "The Soldier in Late Medieval England" web site I think my family were still killing the English in Scotland then