WW1 A7V tank

Discussion in 'RAC' started by puzzledgrunt, Jan 26, 2008.

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  1. I recall reading an article about a complete example being unearthed in France a few years ago.Apparently it had just settled upright into the soil and remained undiscovered.There was a low-altitude photo of the excavation , surrounded by a circle of people, with the entire top deck visible, only a few feet down. The only other example is here in the Queensland Museum.

    Does anyone know more?
  2. I vaguely recall some years ago a party of RE/TA from Leicestershire/Derby/Notts? went to dig this up.
  3. theres a mk 4 male .british . but havent heard of a german a7v..
    theres a remade a7v in munster tank museum here in germany
  4. The A7V was the German response to the initial successes of the British tanks forces on the Western Front in 1916 (WW1). It was first proposed towards the end of 1916, and the prototype was ready by the middle of 1917. Like several other tanks of the period, it was based on the American Holt Tractor, which provided the tracks. Despite suffering from many obvious flaws, the German general staff was aware that they did not have time to produce an improved design, and at the end of 1917 ordered 100, of which only one third were ever produced :D

  5. Ah, the A7V - Here we see an example, crew of 18, slabbed armour and of course, no feckin BV!! Of course it was the Third Tanks which did the first capture trials!!

    Unlike the sleek thoroughbred machines we were building at the time!?!?!?

    The Germans though..........no sluggerbeds eh? They learnt from all their early mistakes and eventually they've spawned Leo 2!!!!!! As we can plainly see the principles of sloped armour and having a BV have slipped, mysteriously, through the net but, they've reduced the crew to 4!!!!!!!! Oh, and this sod didn't fall on it's side at the first whiff of action!!!!! Then the cunning Hun thought it'd be good to bring out their A6 version with a sort of pointy YTS welding team type stillbrew type thingy on the front of the turret. They then discovered they'd turned a slab sided clusterfcuk into..........the biggest proj trap they could never have 'engineered in' if they'd really tried so..........they sold 'em off to Holland and now.....Canada!!!! Unlike the Russians who.....................
  6. State of the art battlefield communications.
  7. What, the pigeon flew up 50' trailing an antenna ?.

    Nurse, my coat!.
  8. Arthur3bums.........

    very good sir, I like your style of humour... :clap:
  9. Zeitgeist
    Many thanks, my love of tanks is exceeded only by my love of humour...............and my wife...............and the kids.......................! 8O
  10. The picture from alib........I reckon its rations caught on the hop .... :D
  11. No its an early version of GPS. Stick the bird out the hole and see which way it tries to go.
    Sadly, fatally flawed as tankies arms arent long enough to move the birds internal compass out of the field of influence of the hull. :D

  12. Cutlunch...

    I think this tank had a mixed crew...tankies...grunts...and arty boys about 18 bods ..but I may be wrong...
    Im wondering ..how many birds were actually kept in the damn thing...
  13. Brit crews numbered 8 in the crate - there weren't room for anymore without them becoming an integral feature of the huge engine running down the centre of the vehicle.
    1. Commander/ Bow MG op.
    2. Gearsman/driver
    3. upto 4 gunners (depending on injuries and death)
    4. 2 men to change gear/steer the tank from the automotive train - mechanical bods.

    How many birds (feathered messaging, for the use of) per crew?
    Dependant on the Commander's mastery of an early form of slidex I should imagine anywhere between 3 and 200................plus 50 for "Say again over!" At least with the advent of the Infantry Tank telephone things improved!!!!!
  14. :D

    Target. Stop.
  15. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    And booze and food and shaagggin