WW III through Soviet eyes.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Nov 26, 2005.

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  1. From Time magazine via thememoryhole.org.

    The Soviets were apparently prepared to kick off the festivities with an atomic bomb pre-positioned in their own embassy in the District of Columbia. It was, so the story goes, assembled from components brought in by diplomatic bag.

    US authorities and journalists sufficiently intimate with Pres. Kennedy to have lunch at the White House were well aware of this information but withheld it from the American public for over forty years.

    Time finally revealed the story in a manner apparently calculated to minimize public attention and comment. No other publications picked up the story.

    "The Russian Nuclear Bomb in Washington, DC"
  2. Stanislav Lunev, a GRU defector, wrote that the Soviets maintained weapons dumps on American soil for use by Soviet special forces.

    He claimed that one of his professional duties was performing scheduled maintenance on Soviet tac nukes stored over here.

    Through The Eyes Of The Enemy

    An interesting book. How much of it was true I leave to experts.
  3. Fredrick Forsyth wrote a book about this didn't he?
  4. Are you thinking of The Fourth Protocol?

    if I remember rightly the plan was to set one off at Lakenheath in order to bring goverment change in the UK
    etc etc