WW II Scoop Reporter Fired by AP Recieves Apology

BBC News - World War II scoop reporter receives AP apology

BBC News is saying that the reporter who scooped the world by reporting that the Nazis had surrendered on 7 May to the Western Allies instead of waiting for the surrender ceremony in Berlin to the Russians on the 8th has finally received an apology.

Oh those Russians ;-) I seem to recall that Stalin was best buds with Adolf when World War II kicked off. I guess the honeymoon was over though when Operation Barbarrosa began on 22 June 1941. Nothing like a good shoeing to get the old fighting blood pumping. :p

The defeat of Nazi Germany is commemorated on the 9th to this day in Moscow with a humongous military parade through Red Square. Fair drills for them as they lost at least 27 million people in the war. I thought the RT commentator during last year's parade was dismissive and unfair though of the hard fight the British and and the Americans had on the Western Front. He said that the Anglo-American force had faced only old men and boys on D-Day in Normandy - all of the best troops the Wehermacht had were fighting the Soviets on the Eastern Front. I wish he could tell that to the guys who went down Omaha Beach.

Red Square Victory Parade.JPG

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