WW II German Soldiers Eastern front Photo Album

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Trip_Wire, Jan 4, 2007.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

  2. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    No, I'm afraid not; however, I do appreciate soldiers, who fight for their Country with Valor! To look through these pics, is to see that battle, up close and personal! The Wehrmacht, for the most part fought an honorable war, for their Country, just like the like soldiers in other Armies. I do respect them as soldiers!

    I though the album was well done and gives a view into the battles fought on the Russian front in WW II. A real no quarter war.
  3. Some very interesting photos, as you say the Eastern Front was a real 'no quarter' war.

    Not sure if it's your bag, but you can pick up the real thing ( a lot of fakes) if you shop around (WW2 German photograph albums) I've collected a few myself in the past couple of years.

    Something different to spend your pension on,other than toffees and stout :wink:
  4. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP


    Quote: "Something different to spend your pension on,other than toffees and stout ."

    I don't have a problem with spending my Pension(s)! My wife like to cruise on the Princess Cruise lines at least twice a year and I like to take trips to warm water SCUBA locations around the world. We also, both enjoy fine food and drink! so, no problem spending those $$.
  5. Hi Trip, take a look at all of his albums.

    All Albums

  6. In 1981 I picked up a book of photographs from (what looked like) an army & navy store in Soltau.

    Titled 'Adolf Hitler' it is a collection of black and white photographs of the man himself.

    Foreword by Goerring.

    The photographs are all stuck (by hand) into allocated spaces on the pages and they all seem to be original photographs.

    I can only vehrstehen ein bissien but it seems to be a record of his rise to power, recording the political events and implementation during the late thirties.

    It's a bit battered now but might be something of interest to show the granpikney when they get old enough to appreciate it.

    From a signwriters point of view there are several instances of the German 's', as in Strasse, where the double 's' is printed as the special character. I haven't found it shown as yet in a type library but in this work there are many instances.
  7. Nice find. Really shows a complete view of combat.
  8. Do you mean this one: ß ? As in Straße, Scheißen, etc.

    It's available on all PCs in the extended character set for any Latin font. Without a German keyboard you can input it by holding down the ALT key, keep it down while typing 2 2 5 on the numeric keypad. Then release the ALT key.

    A few other German characters:
    Alt-129 = ü
    Alt-132 = ä
    Alt-148 = ö
  9. And there I was concerned that you'd not be able to put the heating on this winter!

    Seeing as you're good for it, can you lend me a few quid please? :twisted:
  10. Cheers mate, you're a diamond, been looking for that for a long, long time. Much appreciated.

  11. who was this bloke? Does anyone know?
  12. Trip Wire?

    He's what Jonesy from Dad's Army would have been like if he'd had special forces training.

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  13. Noooooooooooooooooooooo nice try but Trips persec is so good no photographs would ever exist.

    I meant the snap happy Kraut with Gross Deutchland who managed to photograpth thousands of dead KV 2's, dead aircraft, hanging people, a dead Matilda, a lot of German graves and some interesting signposts.

    Who is he?
  14. Who knows, but he certainly seems to have chronicalled quite a bit of the eastern front. For all we know it was more than one photographer and it's a bunch of photos mashed together from random sources (though the technique in the photos seems the same throughout, so I suspect it's the same guy throughout most of it).