WW 2 vet in need

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by finnjim, Jul 21, 2007.

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  1. I'll keep this brief.
    Old warrior, ww2 veteran, saw service with the RAF; ended up in Burma in 1945.
    Lived and worked in UK until emigrating to Canada in early 70s, returned with his very ill partner early this year, unable to get council housing, funds non existant as wife was severely ill, money went on medications etc, privatly rented house, at 550 pounds a month, now his wife has died, only one pension coming in, still unable to get any council house, landlord gave him another apartment, still at a highly inflated rent, in the region of 300 a month, (not sure exact amount).
    Point being, is their any organisation that I can point this chap to go and see, if they can help him, or even put pressure on the local authorities to at least give this guy a reasonably priced dwelling.
    He did his bit for 6 years, it's time he as given a bit of help when he need it.
    Any help would be appreciated. thanks
  2. RAF Association, RB Legion are the first ones that spring to mind
  3. I was wondering, does the RAF have a benevolant fund?
    Personally ex Royal Signals and used to donate a days pay every year, to help needy Bleeps, not very clued up on RAF things though.
    This man has got absolutly nothing left, no house no furniture, basically just the clothes on his back, family has been helping out with things, but they can only doo so much.
  4. msr

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  5. He should be entitled to housing benefit. Call the local council and ask to speak to one of the housing benefit officers and also the welfare rifghts officer.

    But as the above post states, contact SSAFA, i have done voluntary work for them and they are great when it comes to helping "the old and proud" out.

  6. Problem is he's been out of the country and probably not been paying NI so he'll fall into the same group as other immigrants.

    Already been stated, RAFA and the RAFBF but also RBL can help.

    For immediate accomodation he needs to be put in touch with the housing assocaiation the local council uses. Although at 300 quid pcm he's probably at a good rate now.
  7. oldbaldy

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    If he approaches RAFBF they will task SSAFA in his area to do a report or you/he could contact SSAFA direct.
    If you need contact numbers PM me.
  8. Perhaps if he said he was a gay, illegal immigrant who was being persecuted in Canada on grounds of race, religion and sexuality, it might help.*

    Not to overlook the retired servicemens' highly-regarded friend , Derek Twigg's ever-helpful Veterans' Agency.. ( not to forget to wear his Veteran's badge at his next interview)

    *If Canada does not work, then tell him to say he is from the Niger Delta, and can he have an application form in Kordofanian, as english is not his native tongue?
  9. As he is being helped by family then it appears he has that vital 'local connection' required by a city or borough council, and should indeed be receiving assistance

    From my own experience as a volunteer worker for them this is definitely a case for SSAFA.

    Good luck
  10. He might also try seeing his local CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau) who can advise him on any benefits he cam claim that he's missing out on. I would have thought as he's getting basic pension he would automatically qualif7y for housing benefit and Council tax benefit. Basically contact SSAFA ,RBL, RAFA, RAFBF, and anything else he can think of.
  11. Finnjim

    I would be interested to hear any update of this topic
  12. Local County Field Officer Royal British Legion , they will be able to assist , both my wife and I are case workers and this is exactly the sort of case that can be helped quickly once the right people are aware of his predicament
  13. SSAFA, RBL, RAF Benevolent Fund, etc.....all excellent people who are there to help, and suggest he approaches one of them without delay.
  14. THANK YOU, One and all.
    I will certainly bring you any news on this case as soon as I have any.
    The relevant info has been passed onto my uncle, hopefully he can get someone out there taking names and kickin arrse.
    Thanks again