WW 2 German wax stamp translation.

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by old_bloke, Jul 9, 2013.

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  1. Two WW2 German wax stamps .I don't happen to have any wax today and cannot really read Gothic German.

    I think one has the word Breslau on the base and the base of the other stamp does have "Willy. Pude??.stamp.ma?uf"

    And they are in reverse as well.

    Any German experts care to translate please.

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  2. Top one is Breslau Arbeitsamt.

  3. second%20stamp.jpg

    Dienstelle Feldpostnummer 23326

    So BFPO 23326
  4. Thanks S
  5. Middle one says Schles Stemp.Manu

    So Schles Stempel manufaktur = Schles Stamp Maker.

    Can't read the rest of that one, got a better pic of the bottom bit?

    The SCHLES STEMP bit gets mention on here

    The Wilhelm Gustloff Story
  6. Arbeitsamt = Employment Office or Job Centre as I believe it is now called.
  7. Bottom bit of the middle one is the name and adress of the manufacturer I think.

    Willy Pudert.

    Goerlitz. Mittelstr 8
  8. Back in Adolf's day, weren't they the recruiting offices for the Deutsche Arbeiters Bund* (or some such) that built the Autobahns and the Nuremberg rallyplatz?

    * AKA unemployed boxheads by the million, clad in govt-issue lederhosen and marching with shovels.
  9. The Feldpostnummer belonged to these units:

    (2.1.1940-27.4.1940) 1. Kompanie Panzerabwehr-Abteilung 294
    (28.4.1940-14.9.1940) 1. Kompanie Panzerjager-Abteilung 294
    (10.2.1943-23.8.1943) 2. Kompanie schw.
    Heeres-Panzerjager-Abteilung A
    (24.8.1943-5.4.1944) 2.10.1943 gestrichen
    (6.4.1944-9.11.1944) 1.11.1944 Stab II u. 5.-8. Kompanie
    Grenadier-Regiment 456.
  10. Just looked that up and it seems if these stamps are genuine articles then they could be worth a couple of quid (£500 upwards apparently).
  11. Should be 23326 :)
  12. Where did you look that up :)
  13. I also have this.

    I think it is a door knocker but anybody have an idea?

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