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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Sluice_dweller, Jan 14, 2007.

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  1. I have a friend who is intrested in WW 1 history, and we are planning a trip to Ypres in March - we have about a week and I know It won't take that long to look round Ypres, anyone got any suggestions of decent places to visit. Have car so can travel

    Thanks in anticipation

  2. 2000hrs Menin gate ceremony in Ypres.
    Thiepval memorial
    Tyne cot cemetry
    Avril Williams (www.avrilwilliams.com) is a good place for lunch or accommodation if you've not already booked. She also has an interesting cellar.
    Vimy ridge memorial
    Newfoundland Park

    If you are new to the Western front, can I recommend a book by Rose Coombs

    Are you travelling from Dover? Depending where you live, Hull/Rott/Zee is a good route.
  3. Panzer Soldat - you are recommending Somme sites to a man visiting Ypres!

    Go to Tyne Cot, Essex Farm (where in Flanders Field was allegedly written), the Cloth Hall and Passchendaele museums. From these, if not from your reading you will get asense of where else you might like to be. Get up onto Kemmel hill so you can see why this low, unprepossessing hill is actually so strategically significiant. Attend the ceremony at the Menin Gate. Remember and reflect...then enjoy the many beers.
  4. There is so much stuff at Ypres that you are falling over it everywhere east of the town. Further to the suggestions above the English church in the middle of the town is very poignant. Its full of memorials to long disbanded Regts and is just humbling.
  5. Yes, try and go to a service in the chapel of St George - a little bit of England in a foreign corner! You may also run into one of the CWGC gardeners there and get some hot tips on things off the beaten/guided track.

    There is a brand new novotel in the centre now which is a very comfy place to put up at - with a cracking pub half right and across the street.
  6. Agreed Cuddles, however the chap has a car and it isn't that far from Ypres and he is there for a week.
  7. I am a battlefield guide and live and work here in Ieper (Ypres). Pm me and I will try to help you out!
  8. Thanks Guys - was thinking about heading down to the Somme anyway so thanks for the suggestions of places to go. As I said earlier my friend knows his stuff so I'm basically going as the driver, so just wanted an idea of places he might enjoy visiting so I can draw up a rough itinerary before departure so we can make the most of the time and visit as many places as possible in the time he is over.

  9. Here are a selection of the places we visit in our Western Front Tours to Ypres and the Somme. We take Army Recruit Tours to many of these places.

    Ypres Area

    Gheluvedt battlefield
    Sanctuary Wood
    Hill 60
    Yorkshire Trench- preserved Trench
    Bayernwald - preserved German Trench
    Flanders Fields Musuem
    Zonebeke Passchendaele Musuem
    Essex Farm CGWC
    Tyne Cot CGWC - and interpretation centre
    Langemarck German Cemetary
    Hooge Crater Museum
    Menin Gate


    Serre - Sheffield Park and trenches
    Beaumont Hamel Trenches
    Ulster Tower
    Thiepval Memorial
    Lochnegar Crater La Boiselle
    Delville Wood including SA Museum
    Albert Musuem
    Peronne Memorial
    Tommy Cate and Musuem Pozieres.

    There are numerous bunkers and battlefield sites we also use but you need a guide to gain access or interpretation. Ask if you have an interest in any particular event or location.

    If you want gto join a tour with a Legion Guide contact Remembrance Travel www.remembrancetravel.com
  10. In the Ypres area worth looking out Poperinge (Toc H, condemned man cell).

    Also St Symphorien Cemetery (near Mons) - our first war dead, also some from last day of war. Highlights how far the whole line moved as a result .... err, not much.

    It's mainly Kraut, and is unlike any other cemetert as much is laid out in wooded hills.
  11. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Get the Holts Tour guide books and the Rose Coombes MBE book and that will cover all you need for the first trip.

    Dont try and do all the sites as it is not possible, obviously, I've been touring the area for 15 years and am still scratching the surface. get a good base and try a walk some of the more obscure locations such as the Lonsdale cemetery on the Somme for example.

    Have a great time.
  12. Been over there many times in the last thre years. All of the above is good advice. Get yourself some good maps - these are available from the Cloth Hall Museum shop. I good place to stay is the Arian Hotel, 5 minutes walk from the Menin Gate. A bit pricey, but 4 star, excellent staff and has the battlefield tourist very much in mind. Sells maps and bits too. You can book online.
  13. Obvious, but needs repeating,
    Visit the areas that you have a link to. That is family history, inc. wargraves. Regt. history. Battles interested in.
    My father's choir visited a wood that the Swansea Pals had fought in. One of the old boys recognised his father and uncle in a photo, which a guide had. They then showed Ypres what singing is all about.