WW 1 Service Record

Just a long shot. Have been researching family history and have a great uncle who served in WW1 and I've found his listing on the commonwealth wargraves commission and where he is buried in france.

According to the commonwealth war graves listing, he last served with a garrison guard company of a support battallion which apparently was formed at the end of 1918 from men who were then not fit for frontline duties which suggests he served with another unit probably frontline unit prior to this and was injured. I would love to know where he served and with which regiment/corps prior to his transfer to the garrison guard company.

Problem is Kew have no record of him as it looks like his record was one of many that got destroyed during WW2 bombings.

I've been onto the official medal roll website and unfortunately there are loads of soldiers who share the same name. You pay £3.50 to view each record but even then, it's very difficult to identify which he may be his as there is usually no birth date or anything of that sort which might identify him. I've paid my £3.50 a few times ever hopeful I might stumble across his record but to no avail and obviously cant afford to keep blindly looking.

Is there any other way I might find his record or identify him with what I know so far.

Many thanks in anticipation for any advice you may give.



Have you searched WO/363, the burnt records?
If not they are slowly coming online with ancestry.
I subscribe to ancestry so can check if you wish.
No have'nt searched that...did'nt even know it was possible...Thank you very much.If you would, that would be great. I have his name and service number Is there any other info that might help?

Thanks again



If you all or any of these it will help
Full name
Date of Birth
Place of birth
Service Number

The indexing is crap at the moment but I have managed to find one great uncle but not his brothers!
I think the whole lot will be on early next year.
They are in various states of repair & a lot have burnt corners & water damage.

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