WVX files

Does anyone know how i would get a wvx file from being streamed media to being on my computer?
A .wvx file is a Windows Media Redirector file. The only purpose of this file is to redirect you to Windows Media files like WMV files.

It doesnt actually hold the media, it just links to the location of the video.

If you want the video, try using a screen recorder.

If its somewhere like youtube, you'll need to download a plugin to grab it.
If you can get it through YouTube then you might want to check out http://www.ripzor.com/youtuberipper.html which allows to save the .FLV files before converting them to .AVI using a tool called "YouTube FLV to AVI converter Pro" (downloadable trialware). Spice up those boring presentations at work! :lol:

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