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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by G.W.A, Apr 28, 2005.

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  1. just showcasing the idea that each of the coy's in wales OTC should make a rugby7's team and throughout the year we could have a mini tournament. would promote friendly rivalry and would make it easier to get to know other coy's. what do ppl think? good idea or bad idea?
  2. women playing rugby?

    oh, sorry, otc "women"

    as you were
  3. All the celtic OTCs have a big competition (Northern Lights - you may have heard of it!!) and included in that are sports competitons with girls rugby. I guess there would be potential to perhaps have more inter-otc sports competitions for all of the UK OTCs and not just the scottish and irish ones. I have been known to attend a few rugby training sessions in Edinburgh with my pink shirt and its a great laugh!
    Good luck with it!
  4. Come_to_arrest_the Zulus... and what may I ask is wrong with the women in UOTC??

    Do you have a problem with it?
  5. no, I have a problem with the otc

    oh , and women playing rugby. Of course, I use the term "women" looseley.

    loose, incidently, is the word I most often hear to describe otc "girls"
  6. Its a pretty broad and sweeping statement to assume that everyone in the OTC is an individual that you would dislike.

    Women may play rugby as well as men, i dont see what the problem would be?!

    As for OTC "women" (as you out it) being "loose" (again as you put it), that is another very extreme assumption, I suggest you get to know individuals before you make such absurd assumptions.
  7. When did he say that?? the words were

    Now this usually implies that the term used is not particularly suited to the item being described. In all honesty, most female rugby players are not best suited to be described as women.

    (if this was a wah - I'm getting back in my box now)
  8. I said I had a problem with the otc, not individuals in it. I have met and know several people from otc, most have been good eggs

    the problem is its a man sport. womens sports are.... well there arent any really, women should have hobbies like gardening and cookery

    all the otc lads I have met have tried to get me over to otc. they say its worth the cut in bounty for the amount of shagging they get with the "girls"

    personaly im happy to shag girls who dont have to prove somthing to their dads by putting on green eye liner and playing cadets at 21
  9. , most female rugby players are not best suited to be described as women.

    Have you ever watched any of the core teams play, especially the army team, the rugby squads are made up of professional rugby players, not weekend sportplayers who decide to throw the ball about now and then, you'll also find they train most of the week to keep fit and build there game, you would find a lot of blokes who are into there rugby, army rugby will easily disagree with you. Basically your just talkin out your a***, trying to talk big, do me a favor, find out a bit more before you make comments on a subject.
  10. sorry, I left my batco wallet at home

    come again?
  11. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    By core teams do you mean corps teams? Is this what you meant to say?

  12. I coached our OTC ladies team when I biffed myself this year. Out of a squad of 10, there are only 2 or 3 who I wouldn't take a tumble with.
    However, they are seriously good. I can't remember the last time I've been winded while being tackled. They are sodding ferocious.
    I suggest you actually base your spoutfest on some kind of truth, instead of being a bit of a wrist-watch.

    Btw, try typing wrist-watch as one word, then wonder why it gets **** out.
  13. so you are saying that

    a)you are a biff

    b)you have either very low standards, or are attracted to masculine women

    c)are a big jesse who gets winded by the "girls" he coaches

  14. no. I'm saying your a chopper. Get over it.
  15. dont you have girls to get beaten up by?