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Who do you think controls big Pharma?

Look it up. There have been 26 major trials and research into the use of this stuff against Covid. 23 of them, not all done by big pharma, concluded that no evidence existed that it was effective in preventing, easing or curin Covid.
The other 3 that said there was evidence were all debunked as falsifying data.
1. A chiropractor who issued a YouTube video with false data and was trying to make money out of selling it. I think I recall he'd made $45,000 before it was pulled.

2. A holistic doctor who wrote a thesis but offered no evidence except ifs ands and buts. She also made a lot of money from social media before that was also pulled.

3. An Egyptian doctor who, at first, astounded researchers with a 400 person trial that proved it was 90% effective. Until they looked at it closely and found that many of the phrases he used were plagiarised, of the 400 people he named in the trial, more than 50 had died before he even started the trial. The research was flawed in that no comparisons were made.

Social media also claims Uttar Pradesh in India stopped vaccinating and used this stuff and they've completely killed the virus. India actually banned its use for covid due to a number of deaths from it. Uttar Pradesh also has the highest number of covid vaccines given in the whole of India with 150,000,000 jabs completed by October this year. Less than half the regions in that state have shown a low case load.

Others on the fake sites also claim that Japan stopped using covid vaccines and used that stuff instead. Causing the Japanese Min of Health to debunk the story entirely stating it was false and they continue to do the vaccine rollout and that stuff is not authorised for any medical use in humans in Japan.

People who simply repeat crap from these sites and social media are being manipulated. Read the disinformation dozen story again to show your gullibility. Unless, of course, you are one of the disinformation dozen.

Thankfully YouTube is now pulling unsubstantiated videos. Other social media sites say they will monitor it closely but are obviously making too much money out of it to do anything about it.


WHO decided to name it Omicron - I read somewhere that there was concern Nu sounds too much like “New”.
Just read an article, which annoyingly I can't find now, that the WHO didn't call it Nu because of its similarity to new and didn't call it Xi because Xi is a very common surname in Chinese.
Who do you think controls big Pharma?
If big pharma really wanted coin then they wouldn’t have bothered with vaccines.
Treating high dependency patients is incredibly expensive and takes a metric f*** ton of drugs - costs a damn sight more than a $20 dollar vaccine (even with multiple doses/millions of patients).

Have you looked into the comparisons of costs at all?
Thankfully YouTube is now pulling unsubstantiated videos. Other social media sites say they will monitor it closely but are obviously making too much money out of it to do anything about it.
Facebook has been found to have been keeping up antivaxx posts that were posting lies and propaganda.

Simple reason being that they provoked large numbers of replies (mostly by people with more than two brain cells to rub together asking various versions of ‘WTAF?!?!’) - which meant that more people looked at their adverts, which meant more coin for FB.

If I can find the article I’ll edit this later.
I suspect the rates of COVID deaths would be considerably lower if Ivermectin was used for treatment.
I suspect you had an lonely, abusive childhood followed by a moderate to severe head injury in your teen years.


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It might be worth putting COVID in perspective in comparison to other diseases. This is the top 10 causes of deaths in America race graph for 2021:
Given that the deaths start in March I suspect that is 2020 data, not 2021? That chart ended on 237k. US deaths now are a whisker shy of 800k. So the Covid death rate for the year following that is circa 560k, i.e. bang up there with the other two leading causes of death.

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Pfizer produce 100s of different medications prescribed by hundreds of thousands of medical professionals every year.
Yes, and they have 1000’s discontinued every year.


Stolen this from today's Times:

I suppress a howl of disbelief. She would rather die than get a Covid vaccine

Some 75 per cent of those suffocating in intensive care with the coronavirus are unvaccinated

About 850 people have died with Covid-19 in the past seven days in the UK

She is young, ashen and fighting for her life, and all I can offer is morphine. Recent chemotherapy has sent her blood count crashing. The drugs that could cure her breast cancer are so toxic to her body that even an innocuous infection could be fatal. As she flinches from the pain of taking a breath, I know that her raw, inflamed lung is scraping against the wall of her chest, making each gasp an ordeal.

I also know that somewhere at home, two little girls and their distraught father sit and wait in a house that rattles and gapes with the absence of their mummy.

“I need to be with them,” she rasps. “How soon?”

Although Ellen, as I’ll call her, gulps oxygen from the pipe on the wall, her pneumonia prevents her from talking in full sentences. I focus on getting her pain relief right, vital for enabling proper deep breathing, which allows me to suppress my private howl of disbelief.

Ellen, in her mid-thirties and with everything to live for, trusts her doctors to administer an antibiotic so potent that it is nicknamed Domestos; painkillers ten times more potent than opium; and chemotherapy literally designed to kill living human cells, a cytotoxic poison. Yet she will not, under any circumstances, countenance having a Covid vaccine. Her refusal makes me want to weep. The only thing worse than a young person’s death is one which easily could have been avoided. Thankfully, on this occasion Ellen’s chest infection is not Covid. But what about the next, and the one after that?

Does she not know how many unvaccinated young men and women with intact immune systems are suffocating to death in the intensive care unit one floor above her? How dumbfounded they were to discover that they were, after all, vulnerable to Covid? How they beg, sometimes, breaking all our hearts, to be vaccinated? How they plead for the protection they hope a jab might bring — when it is far too late for that now and all we can offer is a ventilator?

Ellen, I want to plead, how can you not choose life? For your children, for yourself, please be jabbed. You are so vulnerable I can hardly bear it. I say nothing, of course. Now is not the time. But I wonder for the thousandth time how we have arrived here, in this madness: a place where intelligent men and women would rather catch a deadly infectious disease than accept a vaccine with exceptional, and demonstrable, safety and effectiveness.

Now, in my NHS trust, we once again have entire wards devoted to treating Covid patients, in addition to those on mechanical ventilation in ICU. We are giving our all to care for our share of the 8,000 patients in UK hospitals with Covid. Out of sight, out of mind, these patients quietly continue to die at a rate of about 1,000 a week. The public can almost pretend they are not there. But we can’t.
Colleagues have seen children orphaned when first an unvaccinated mother and then an unvaccinated father succumb to Covid in swift succession. Pregnant, intubated women have died in intensive care shortly after their babies were delivered by emergency caesarean section.

Of the Covid patients treated in intensive care in recent months, the majority — nearly 75 per cent according to the latest data — have chosen not to be vaccinated. As Professor Andrew Pollard, director of the Oxford Vaccine Group, put it this week: “This ongoing horror, which is taking place across ICUs in Britain, is now largely restricted to unvaccinated people.”

Individual decisions to forgo vaccination are having inevitable consequences for everyone else. In my NHS trust, we are on permanent black alert. We have already converted every conceivable spare space — discharge lounges, offices, oversized broom cupboards — into extra wards for patients. There is no spare capacity whatsoever.

The maths is brutal. One in, one out. Unless this patient leaves, that one cannot enter. The ambulance queue snakes around A&E, with paramedics sometimes spending an entire 12-hour shift stuck on the hospital forecourt, unable to drop off their patient. Trapped people are dying of heart attacks and strokes in the back of stationary ambulances, to the horror of all involved in trying to care for them.

In this desperate context, as patients suffer across the NHS, I can well understand the anger some clinicians feel towards the unvaccinated. I do not share it, however. The bedrock of good medicine is treating your patient simply as a human being in need. The moment you start making value judgments about what has brought them into hospital — smoking, paragliding, breaking the speed limit or riding a horse — you are not behaving as a doctor.

With our unvaccinated Covid patients, I feel more than anything desolate, heartbroken. I simply hate seeing them die. And I know they are here, in part, because a torrent of disinformation, spewed out on social media, has made them too scared to have the vaccine.

My rage is reserved for the charlatans who use their platforms to sow mistruths at such terrible cost. For the clever commentators who have latched on to the antivaxer movement to score political points by whipping up an ideological reaction to what they dub “vaccine dictatorship”.

These people are liars and cynics with blood on their hands.

Rachel Clarke is an NHS palliative care doctor
Just read an article, which annoyingly I can't find now, that the WHO didn't call it Nu because of its similarity to new and didn't call it Xi because Xi is a very common surname in Chinese.
Xi also happens to be the name of that country’s easily-offended president.


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Yes, and they have 1000’s discontinued every year.

Please give evidence of any in the last few years that have been discontinued on safety grounds?
Reading the new posts from Wednesday onwards, I think a fair few of you need to watch some Jordan Peterson videos in remembering how to put your point across.

I understand it's a passionate topic among a lot of us and we're typically entrenched in our views (pro or anti vaccine/ lockdown/ passports etc) but a lot of cogent arguments are being dulled by some of the rhetoric/ ad hominems bolted on.
It really is a shame you can't beat the stupid out of people.
It really is a shame you can't beat the stupid out of people.

But in this case it's terminal stupidity. There's a very good chance Anti-vaxxers are going to either kill themselves, or stick themselves with such complications they'll shuffle off this mortal coil well before the vaccinated.

So in reality it's a self solving problem. Now we just need to stop breeding stupid people to add to their ranks.

I do wonder how they'll be seen in 150 years though. Bit like how modern historians place weird lunatic fringe groups such as Luddites or Diggers into text books, to show how the period had a different way of thinking. Or as a joke reel, to add some frivolity to an otherwise dry piece.

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