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Botswana media release on the latest Nu Variant.
WHO decided to name it Omicron - I read somewhere that there was concern Nu sounds too much like “New”.
Critical thinking and honest expression usual means going against the grain. It doesn't always feel good. It often requires some degree of courage. It may mean sacrificing relationships with family and friends. It may mean losing a job. It may destroy your reputation. But it's the only way to preserve your soul
Critical thinking is fundamental to science. Peer reviews of scientific papers are performed by people who use their education, training and experience to perform critical analysis of the methodologies and conclusions of these papers.

Critical thinking is NOT an automatic rejection of scientific consensus resulting from pure contrariness.
Article form the BMJ. Articles like this are the source of vaccine hesitancy- how can anyone read this and not have a degree of curiosity or suspicious about other vaccine sites, and their integrity.

Bit like condemning a whole building because of a leaky toilet?

I see what you mean.
Rather than me spending an age typing out an answer, this guy explains it a bit better than me

Indeed. When I read the BMJ article, I’m no clinician but even I thought the ‘transgressions’ were housekeeping issues and wouldn’t affect the actual testing results.
WHO decided to name it Omicron - I read somewhere that there was concern Nu sounds too much like “New”.

And Xi was apparently the next, and, erm, well, politically sensitive it seems for some unknown reason :)



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How convenient for this new variant to appear now to clog the news cycle. So what's in the news we are not meant to pay attention to?

The rounding up and incarceration of anti vaxxers.
They're going to be sent to Gruinard Island


Somewhere out there, some tedious bureaucrats are having a conversation about whether the public can be trusted with pi, in case it causes people to burn down branches of Gregg's.

Wearers of Sigma and Omega watches could be in trouble then
Explanation? What is there to explain, the evidence is clear. You and your old gin soaked friends can circle jerk all you want...there is a reason people are sceptical, and this is one of many.
Because half of the world’s population are below average intelligence?
…or because they only trust pharm products from their dealer?

(this post may contain irony/sarcasm)
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