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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by snapper, Jul 29, 2006.

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  1. Whats going on? there's something terribly wrong when a 10 year old who has Born In This Country and lived here here all his life can't get UK Citizenship yet seemingly make payment to the right Home Office Official/Dept and away you go ....

    As a Country we need to get Priorities Right....

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  2. It's called a very flawed UK Immigration & Nationality Directorate!
  3. But if he was an asylum seeker he'd soon be eligble for citzenship. he's lived here all his life, he wants to serve his country so what's the problem?
  4. There has been a whole thread or two on the shameful way in which the IND has mal-treated our servicemen, the most recent examples of which are the many excellent Commonwealth soldiers from 49 different nations.
  5. I bet somewhere a representative of Neue Arbeit is rubbing his hands with glee at the thought of disrupting a proud family tradition of military service. I am also cynical enough to think that if Mrs W-C had not married her husband, then the coffers and resources of the state would have been laid open to her to pick and choose!
  6. It is honestly awful that the poor lad and his family are so badly treated, and that no one in the Home Office is using any common sense here! Well can he not apply as an assylum seeker on the basis of being stateless?? Good luck to him and lets hope he can continue the family tradition of Royal Naval service, if he gets the passport soon he will have 10 years to 20, so that should be good enough to join up surely?
  7. Well not entirely - dont tar them all with the same brush....

    the actual IO's & CIO's etc - those at the sharp end - have (had) known for years that the 'system' was hideously flawed and reaching it's critical mass (so to speak) but the politicians and powers that be in the civil service's ivory towers didnt want to hear.

    Anything to do with Immigration was such a contentious issue that the politicians didnt want to deal with it and adopted the ostrich approach - the result was an already over-burdened and flawed system becoming even worse.

    This meltdown and backlash against the immigration policy (or lack thereof) was predicted/expected by IND staff for ages - but no fecker 'in charge' would do anything about it.

    To cite one issue that I found amusing recently is John Reid stating that he will bring it back on track and that we should have embarkation controls to help keep track of people & their movements - it was 'his lot' that scrapped embarkation controls in the first damn place, about 8 years ago!!