Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by slick, Jun 13, 2005.

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  1. That kind of interviewing technique merely meant, assuming he held the views in the form the interviewer stated, that he wasn't given enough rope to hang himself as he was scarcely allowed to open his mouth.

    A shifty-eyed little twerp like that is hardly likely to change the world and wasn't worth wasting the time on. Hard to know whether to be more contemptuous of him or the interviewer.
  2. IIRC he was beaten by two US servicemen and if not killed left in a very bad way. Haven't got time right now to find the reference. Check the website.
  3. I thought the most revealing part of the whole thing was the attitude of the guys speaking to the young cnut. Whilst on the one hand they allowed Crooks to try and explain himself (which he did and in doing so merely showed how shortsighted, ignorant and stupid he is), on the other hand, they were clearly pi55ed about his whole attitude to the military.

    Their logic was very simple and clearly expressed. Don't blame the military for the Iraq war, poor pay etc, blame the government.

    I can't help thinking such an idiot would get a far easier ride from the TV media in this country were he (or she) to get onto TV. That is, assuming they hadn't already been hospitalised for such insane attitudes.

    Which brings me to my final question - just how long do you think it will be before Michael Crook, anti-military loony, turns up either seriously injured (or seriously dead!) in whatever place he hails from? (Attacked by friends or relatives of one of the 'stupid Marines' who were killed the day before the interview, no doubt).
  4. Nope, that was (another) fake by him - various people have contacted the local police and hospitals to check and the attack never happened. The only evidence anything ever happened is his website...
  5. If you Google you'll find loads of info on this idiot (real name Michael Vogel) but the websites have been taken down :) He has made the Hall of Shame though

  6. the little geek how long before some yokel tops the twat

    ive got to give the yanks credit though at least they support there troops unlike the uk if this twat had of been in the uk the bbc reporter would have undoubtedly given him an easy ride ad probably supported what the little worm was saying

    anyone else who cant find the site
  7. IIRC This guy was tracked by posters on a US military forum.
    Seems he had actually tried to join the US Army, but been rejected after three weeks (from memory, on health grounds.
    He faked his own death on the site, posting a spurious message from his "wife" stating he had been beaten up and killed by members of the US military.
  8. Totally agree, the US in the majority have it right, backing their troops. Glad they were hard on him and give him a bad time. Chuffed to fcuk.
  9. while i do like their attitude to a degree, it occasionally makes me want to vomit with the mawkish incincerity of the whole thing. additionally it has become very easy, and convenient, for the US government to have any dissenter with policy labled as 'you don't support the troops' and be effectively branded a traitor for any legitimate questioning of the competance of political/military leaders.

    most of whats written on this website about iraq would be 'traitorous' if the current US public/political attitude were to spread here.

    it would be nice if the populous blew sunshine up our arrses, but we fight to protect a liberal democracy that thrives on dissent, not a quasi-military state obsessed witth who as the biggest flag on the roof and the widest yellow ribbon on the tree.
  10. What exactly do you find insincere? Who are you talking about?

    First of all, can you give an example? As to questioning the competence of political/military leaders, that happens over here every single day. Heck, it's hard to find an article that praises their competence.

    No, it wouldn't. We're more alike than you think; YOU don't like how WE handle things. Cool, there's some things we don't like about you either. Don't confuse common language with a common lifestyle. We've been separated for over 200 years and it shows.

    You think we march in lock-step around here? That's laughable. Herding cats would be easier. Any American parent with teenagers could dispel that notion in an eyeblink.

    If heaping praise on our servicemembers is bad, what does that say about you? Americans are challenging the political climate and NOT chastising the people who volunteer to carry out that policy. Our troops, like yours, are expected to carry out the national will on behalf of its citizens and nation.
  11. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Wow. Have you ever been to the US? You'll find just as broad a range of publicly expressed opinion there as you do in the UK. Some of the mainstream media are more overtly patriotic than ours are, but you can't imagine Paxman or Humphrys giving this guy a softer time than Fox News did: they'd rip into him.

    The fact is that he is an attention-seeking tw@t who deserves to be treated with the utmost contempt.