Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by futurebootie, May 21, 2010.

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  1. Was having a convo with my 16 year old cousin, who lives with us.
    Currently working as a tattoo artists apprentice, Its a job so good for him life's been rough lately.

    Anyway he was chirping me that I sit around and do nothing all day, despite the fact that I'm trying to get past a chest infection, have to rehab knee injuries and am trying to study, not to mention I walk 6km a day to get my sister, (year 8), to and from her highschool, (which I do coz I like flirting with matric girls), ANYWAY..

    He knows about my hopes in joining up and he said..

    So, are my dreams doomed to obscurity? Am I destined to walk this earth, packing shelves at pik n pay, forever.. Lost, alone, always thinking, what if?

    Or is he just a jealous rat?

    And now to the main point of this post, I.. FB can stand outside a girls highschool, winking and perving at the chicks, and the deputy head of the school will wave at me as he drives past, while you old men have to sign a nice register if you do :)..

    Don't you wish you were me?

    (PS, do I have cock of the week yet?)
  2. Go on then, what drug you on this time?
  3. Preston. Or possibly Bolton.
  4. Can I fuck em first?
  5. As long as you remember the most valuable words of command you will hear in your career you can’t go wrong “Clean up aisle 5” . Perhaps you should change your user name to “Future Acting deputy assistant manger dry goods pik n pay”.

    Have a nice day now.
  6. -sucks air through teeth-

    Its a tough, harsh job.. but someone has to do it.

    Now where did I put that mop.
  7. Well if you have designs on being a future bootie, why would you care if the Army is going to be around or not? :roll:
  8. dont knock the Pik n Pay, everyones military career ends one day!
  9. Probably because it isn't a state secret that for the past year or more I've been looking into what Armour/Infantry are like...

    Just haven't changed the name coz I'm an established saffa civvie gobshite, don't want all that effort to be wasted do I? :D
  10. Aspirations are one thing, misplaced cockiness is another. Personally, I get driven barking by usernames such as this and "Parahopes"; calling themselves such names is an easy way to get targetted for abuse.
    Fair play to FB, he doles it back and accepts that he will never be a naked rollmat wrestler. I had a mate at Worcester ACIO/AFCO a few years ago who seemed to recruit a disturbing quota of Yarpies who came over, worked in agriculture around Evesham and then joined up. Have you not thought about just doing that FB, instead of asking bone questions every couple of days?
  11. The name was chosen when I was younger, cockier and, (more), of an idiot than I am now. Can't seem to change it..

    And the bone question was really just me trying to alleviate some boredom and boast about getting to see lotsa teenage birds everyday :oops: coulda worded it better though.

    So by all means abuse me as much as you guys want, the name was ill chosen, yes, and if anyone can tell me how to change it I would appreciate it.

    If it seems like I was trying to be cocky I appologize, wasn't my intention.

    Bone thread, to the hole I reckon..

    I also don't post thaaat many bone questions, humph.
  12. Why to the hole there is still miles left in this thread slagging you down FB
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Loving your sig block. Did he really say that? Is it really true? Where do I sign?
  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    He does'nt..He want's to be a futurebootay!....
  15. I feel violated :cry: