WTF? Your clutch in your crutch :)

Would be interesting when she wants to get her purse out, especially if she was as fit as the bird in the add!
Knickers with suspenders attached...someone's missing the point slightly...
I hear William and Harry wear them to keep their crown jewels in.
Brilliant idea , die Frau will now be able to "rub one out" with the excuse " I'm only rumaging in ma kecks for some loose change"
The ladyboys will be able to use them as an excuse for when you slip the hand and find a package.
"It's just my clutch bag"!!
Am I the only one that's noticed that there's a men's size...



On the subject of pants - why when we are in a recession are womens pants getting bigger ? 4 years ago pretty lacey thongs were the norm in mrs grimbo's knicker draw - now they seem to be getting more like Bridget Jones big pants - when questiond along the lines of "what the F~~~ ? they are a bit big are they not ?" Mrs G took all defensive and it seems they are the fashion now ;-( , seems that simple economics would make things get smaller , current pants would make at least two thongs.
In her defense still only a size 10 and sorry no pics
What worries me more is how you came to find such an advert :-?
So you have moved on from the ladies underwear section of the Littlewoods catalogue. Good find though!
Oh, it was bought to my attention....

(happy now, you know who :) )

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