WTF You Brits???

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Phil306, Jan 4, 2006.

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    Do you brits sit around and dream this BS up??? I mean seriously, what gets into you guys???

    You have guys drinking beer out of another guys ass, a kid taking a dump in the middle of the street, and now this???

    8O 8O 8O
  2. and the point of this post is what?

    Seems a everyday thing in my neighbourhood, idle tw@ts with impliments of pain. Has nothing to do with Brit or Yank,

    Phil take this bit of advice; you are a dull cnut with no life this board is not for you. Go back to your day job of molesting hookers and groping young boys.
  3. You ever see jackass you cunt?
  4. Lets all beat up on Phil. turd bandit, get a life
  5. Normal saturday afternoon in my house :)

  6. :D well said
  7. CTauch,

    First off, read the title again you jerkoff. It says "brits." No matter how hard you try, you aint british you pond scum licking a$$wipe.

    Second, if i'm so damn boring, how come you have such a need/desire to read what I post?

    Go fcuk yourself and shut the fcuk up. I could care less about your two bit opinion.

    By the way, when she is done cooking it, why don't you have some of this?
  8. serious, you're sick, you can't find that stuff by accident. Now chuff off bell end.
  9. Think you boys should calm down and take a look at Dirty Sanchez. 3rd series in and it makes me chuckle everytime!! Seriously DO try that shit at home!

    Edited to say that that vid you just posted Phil306 is wrong. Very wrong
  10. I think Jackass is sh*t, puerile rubbish, but I choked myself laughing at Sanchez! The Pubic Hair Pizza was awesome
  11. Give me a few beers and a DVD of Sanchez and I'm away. Bit of a genius at Moistys Mallet. The waterjungle!! Fcking love Pritchard and Pancho - you see the ones where they trained at Lympstone?

    The Beer enema where Joycey drank it ... that made me gag!!
  12. They probably watch too much yank sh!t on TV, seems to rot the brain.
  13. Phil, just spent a few minutes reading through your highly opinionated posts. I note that you are the typical excitable foreigner, who believes he is gracing us with his superior intellect and solutions to all of our problems. Sadly the reality is you are a guest on a British military website and from what i have seen of you so far, you are a tool..

    You strike me as a bit of a walt too; interests: firearms, smutty videos and conspiracy theories!

    Do us all a favour and feck off back to wherever you are welcome (I suspect this is a gun shop in Iowa, but I might be wrong).

    Oh, by the way; we sailed all the way from little old England and threatened you on your doorstep; when has the USA ever done that to us? So do not bore me with your "we beat you twice and saved your ass in WWII". Instead, explain to me the poor management of post-war Iraq and your reluctance as a nation to either do something that does not involve long-range stand off or retreat...
  14. If you're not in it from the start Phil, it doesn't count!
  15. Am I right in thinking you may not be the best choice for the Ambassador's job in Washington? 8)