WTF?...We Dont Even Have A Full Time Defence Secretary?

Mr Gordon Brown has given Mr Des Browne two jobs, Defence secretary and the Scotland job. What the fcuk?

Surely defence secretary is hard enough and a full time job?...why is Des Browne being given both roles, he struggled enough before with the Defence secretary job.

But I have to ask, what is Gordon playing at, making defence secretary a part time job?...being very serious, is this cause for worry??
Just lining his ducks up in a row so he can counter Alex Salmond's unilateral declaration of independence for the Peoples Republic of Jockistan whenever it comes.
I guess since the fookers have cut the Forces back so much they don't see it as a full time job.


But I don't agree with lining up Browne to go up against Salmond. As we all know Browne is incompetent and unaware of what is happening in the 21st century....
Is anyone seriously suprised by this? We all now that the Forces are going to sh*t under the current administration, and im sure it wouldnt change if the other Blueish labour types came into power.
Here we have a Govt who have us serving in two seriously volatile theatres of operations, yet are still cutting the army down, and the navy it seems to get ready for the BDF (British Defence Forces)(im sure its un PC to have an Army these days). This clearly shows that the Brown administration holds the Forces in contempt,Des Browne is incapable of doing well in one job never mind two. It is even more tragic that Brown unveiled his new cabinet with the dual roled defence secretary on the day, or around the time that two young lads (one of which i believe his from his constituancy) has been killed in theatre. (RIP)
As far as im concerned this is the ultimate insult to the forces, no matter how much Brown says he deeply regrets the sad losses of life in the middle east, he will always be the chancellor who strangled the Armed Forces with cuts in the defence budget. And as for D Browne, what an utter imbecile, can they not find a politician somewhere who has some sort of time in the forces under their belt, so that they can understand the job which they hold, instead of this w*nker who is now the secretary for Jockland as well. Unbelievable!!!

Rant over
Perhaps it is a reflection of the Govts trust in the MOD as a department of state that it feels that total commitment by the Defence Sec is not required.
Or is it that the Scottish Office needs so little time spent on it, it is only a bit part job now
I said it before in another thread,and im prepared for incomming, but I think Blair actually liked the forces. Im no fan of this terrible man either.

But remember, it was John Major who brought in options for change, cutting the army by a third. And in 2006. it wasnt Blair who got rid of infantry battalions, it was the armys top brass, ie Mike Jackson and friends.

Again, not a Blair fan...but he I think he cared more than Major did, and Brown ever will.
Because there are lots of defence jobs at stake in Scotland if the two new aircraft carriers don't get built, or if they don't get built in Scotland. So make the bloke responsible for placing the order (or cancelling it) take the flak north of the border.
Look, am I being a bit thick here? The two issues of burning moment at present are a)Blair's legacy of foreign wars and b)the crumbling union. So given that is the case, why would you put two such difficult issues on the platter of a man incapable of dressing himself on a good day?

I'm not sure whether I am most insulted as a loyal unionist but proud Scot or as an ex-serviceman and student of defence studies?
It's not just Browne either. Lord Drayson, who's the chap responsible for all the procurement issues, has been handed another portfolio as well. Still trying to find a link - it was what the press office told me this morning.
New Min AF is.....wait....wait for it.............................

Bob Ainsworth as new Armed Forces Minister will be responsible for defence policy and planning, operations, and the Armed Forces, both regular and reserve. He is also responsible for regional issues, and Equipment and Support business in the Commons.

Mr Ainsworth was Coventry City Councillor between 1984 – 1992 when he held the positions of Deputy Leader of the Council and Chairman of the Finance Committee. He was elected to Parliament in 1992 and served on the Environment Select Committee. He was appointed a Whip in 1995.

In Government he has been Lord Commissioner of HM Treasury 1997-2001 (Government Whip), Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the Department for Environment, Transport and the Regions January 2001- June 2001, Home Office Minister with responsibility for Drugs and organised Crime 2001 – June 2003, when he was appointed as Government Deputy Chief Whip.

After arriving for his first day in office at MOD's Main Building, Mr Ainsworth said:

"It is a great honour to have been appointed as Minister of State for the Armed Forces.

"In the armed services and the civil service staff of the Ministry of Defence the nation has an extraordinary group of people who are doing fantastic jobs in different parts of the world.

"We face a variety of challenges both at home and abroad and over the coming weeks I look forward to visiting many of you on operations, working with you in the department, and supporting you in Parliament."

Who? Hasn't he even been on the DSC?
The new PM has obviously spotted the valuable contribution of the TA to enduring ops, and decided to copy the idea.

Swiss Des isn't a part time Secretary of State for Defence; he's a casual labour Secretary of State for Defence under the One Government concept.
armies said:
But remember, it was John Major who brought in options for change, cutting the army by a third. quote]

Perhaps it's a bit unfair to blame Major for that one. The Cold War was over; Britain demanded it's pace dividend. Short sighted though that might have been. Nevertheless, there we have it.
Desk_Jockey said:
It's not just Browne either. Lord Drayson, who's the chap responsible for all the procurement issues, has been handed another portfolio as well. Still trying to find a link - it was what the press office told me this morning.
perhaps Lord Drayson would find this and procurement sit together well.

How long before 24 hours rations are sponserd by 'sainburys ready meals' etc or am i just being a little bitter at liabours handling of UK Defence PLC :x
Would it not be worthwhile to create a petition on the PM's website, email everyone in your address book asking them to sign it, and wait for the PM's answer as to why he did it?
I note the PM's response in today's PMQs. Not much of an answer and supporting a carefully worded petition. Failing that, we could wait 3 months then, under the FoI Act, ask him how much of his working day he devotes to his different duties.
When an MP posed the question to Brown..whys the Defence secretary part time?...did anyone else understand his answer..I didnt make any sense of it. It was on PM questions today..this being his first appearance as PM.

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