WTF?!?!?! Totally outrageous!

So if you look to the top of the page, there is an advertisement reading "War medals Wanted, top dollar paid". Given the consensus around here about the utter human sh!t which is the Walt, especially the gong-buying variety, WHY OH WHY would arrse advertiise for a gongmonger? Tell me it ain't so!
Google Ads are automatic, they show advertisements which are applicable to the site. I *think* certain advertisements can be filtered though, but ARRSE don't actually choose what advertisements are shown.
It is rather amusing that the Ad currently above this thread offers Forces discount in Cancun, from where the Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders just returned only to loose 17 blokes to CDT. doesn't say what the discounts are on. As to war medals-there are many medals sold for many reasons.
i'd rather sell my medals to someone that is gonna look after them! if they are show pieces or even museum then why not. i'll be framed and emblazoned in an oak hall for centuries to come!
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