WTF??? "Seclusion Rooms" and "Restraints" in Elementary Schools?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Yank_Lurker, Sep 10, 2012.

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    From my own experience: at 3/4 years old, I attended a preschool where I was taught my alphabet, and basic phonics. I then transferred to a new school system after we moved to Guam, where I went to kindergarten, and the teacher assigned us...alphabet and phonics work. Since I already knew the material, I'd get classwork done well ahead of my classmates, and having nothing to do and being a healthy 5 year old, I'd *find* something to do. Like pulling classmates' chairs out from under them, etc. The teacher would respond by making me sit under her desk or in a corner with a Dunce cap (yes, you read that right) on my head. I have learned since that my parents had some rather sharp conversations with that teacher. My own development led to my testing at a 10th+ grade reading level when I was in 3rd grade (not due to any real innate aptitude, just an average brain trained to read at an early age by my parents). Had I grown up these days, I'd have been diagnosed ADHD, put on zombie meds, and left for my brain to atrophy. And now they're locking kids up in solitary, or stuffing them in duffel bags???? Jesus H. Merry Christmas.....
  2. A cane would be more use.
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  3. My parents' liberal use of a wooden kitchen spoon early in my life meant that they didn't have to use it much at all after 6 years old or so. By then I'd learned to say "please", "thank you", "sir", "ma'am", not to steal from others, and respect my elders. Corporal punishment by my lights is preferable and likely less traumatic than being stuffed in a duffel bag, FFS.
  4. If these places are like most of the inner city secondary schools Ive attended calls to as plod then theyll need a **** load more than restraints and seclusion rooms............... like heavy mortars and fast air for example
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  5. Worked well when I was at school. Banned now, unfortunately.
  6. They're spoiling them with this molly coddling, whatever happened to lashing out drunkenly with a meter long steel ruler?
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  7. Soho, £400 per hour, ruler supplied.
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  8. Does one need to book in advance?
  9. Ah, the golden years of education. :)
  10. Mrs CM taught at a primary school for a couple of years in the South West, predominantly civilian families. The biggest problem she faced was with the parents who would be down the school like shit from an enameled shovel if a teacher had even looked at little Johnny (or Johnetta) crossly. Several refused to read to their kids at night because ‘That’s the teacher’s job’. Not to mention the teacher on a physical assault charge for restraining a kid who was out of control.
    Rigid programme of involuntary sterilization could start to address the issue.
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  11. Some of the restraint moves used on children are just vicious. I oversee a lot of restraint training at the hospital that I manage and there's stuff taught in the children's protocols that would get any of my staff sacked if they used it on adults. Some kid's services still use pain compliance techniques like nose bars, that should have no place in the way we look after children or adults.
  12. ^. Nose bar?
  13. You don't need to restrain them after a good belt around the back of the head.

  14. [​IMG]