WTF! - one of lifes little pleasures is now gone!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by headgear, Oct 9, 2012.

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  1. Obviously a cunt.

    Heh. "Sales of the beauty product increased by more than 200 percent after women from the cast of ITV’s The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) were filmed trying it out."

    Defence rests.
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  2. And what's the betting that the woman who invented it, is an absolute minger.
  3. "Smoothgroove"... great, great name...
  4. Dressings, Field No1, Hairy Axe Wounds, for the use of.
  5. It should be reversible so those without a camel toe who want to display they have a decent crack down there can turn it over and parade their new camel toe with pride.
  6. Fifteen fucking quid! You'd think they'd have better things to spend their partner's hard earned money on.
  7. When they finally give up wanting to talk, to each other, to anyone else who'll listen, and to the rest who don't want to, about themselves.

    Don't hold your breath.
  8. Well fuck them!!

    I've just invented the Sausage-No-More[SUP]®[/SUP]

    For when you just have to wear lycra but are fed up with lecterous MILF's eyeing up your package. Just strap in on, pop it in and Hey Presto! a smooth crotch with no obvious Lynford's straining the cloth

    Only £95.99 + P&P. (VAT excl)


    Send a cheque or cash to:

    PO Box 69
    Truncheon Lane
    Upper Minge
    CH0 PP3R

    No returns and no refunds
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  9. You sell them and i'm going to hunt you down and cut your cock off.
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  10. But what would you do with it once you'd sawn it off?
  11. Interestingly, I've just had a commission to produce a new descreet Sausage-no-More® to go into briefs by, would you believe it, a Mr T. Daley
  12. He'd not be reattaching it, that's all you need to know.
  13. Liar, my Tom is busy in Australia.
  14. Here you go ....

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