wtf new formation under FAS lol!!!!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by whitenoisebabies, Jun 14, 2005.

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  1. wtf new formation under FAS lol!!!!!

    this'll probably get merged into the walt thread but what the feck is this the royal air assualt battalion sad war gamer fantastic, notice the use of the army logo( wonder if its copywrited) the site is laid out identically to one of the mod unit websites



  3. Calm down guys.

    It's an online gaming clan's site. They play operation flashpoint (the most realistic military simulation ever, that was brouhgt out about 4 yrs ago)

    They're just a bunch of greasy haired geeks who want their site to look like the real army site.
  4. Can the "real" Army not request that the striking image of the Crown with crossed swords and lion is removed?
  5. Why waste the time? Why bother yourselves with distractions like these objects? move on. Or kill them. What ever works for you.
  6. They play operation flashpoint the most dullist game ever. Get a life and get out more.
  7. Is the pay better than ours?

    I've seen a gun, fired a few shots...

    giz a job. :D

    Bless their little cotton socks
  8. Whilst agreeing that setting up your own british army clan site is ever so slightly gay, i must disagree with you on the actual game. It's brilliant when you blow away a T90 from inside a challenger 2!

    Just think of it as the geeks version of tin soldiers! :twisted:
  9. Theres a lovely picture of someones ear on their homepage!