WTF moment

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cabana, Jul 12, 2011.

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  1. This is a what the fuck moment. I am speechless and disturbed as to what is in this vid, not to mention him cutting his nuts off.

    Aussie cutting his nuts off
  2. I'm a fairly inquisitive person but just this once I dont think I'll click the link.....
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  3. Why were you looking for videos of an Australians balls?
  4. After being made to watch '1 Man 1 Jar' a few weeks ago I've certainly learnt a lesson that some things can't be unseen. I therefore decline your kind offer
  5. I want to look but am too much of a wuss.:|
  6. What the fuck did you type into your sick search engine to come up with something like that? And no I didn't watch all the way through.
  7. The colour they went was more sickening than when he actually cut them off...... :/
  8. Better than Corrie
  9. Most things are, it's not a particularly high bar.
  10. think i'll give that a miss, crossing my legs just thinking about it
  11. I was trying to check out Aussie football ;)

  12. pussy! Although I don't blame you. Was searching for jobs in Aussie......don't think I will bother now.

    Actually, some bugger sent it to me.
  13. Quite so. I would rather film myself cutting my own nads off than, er.

    But it would be like Wimbledon fortnight. The same shite on 2 channels at the same time.

  14. It even make my eyes water when he was cutting with scissors and I heard that scissor skin cutting noise.
  15. Link don't work.