WTF Japan?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by beetroot4000, Feb 21, 2012.

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  1. Are the Japanese not the weirdest people on the planet?
    Both these really leave you thinking WTF?

  2. [video=youtube;9sEI1AUFJKw][/video]
  3. Thank heavens there's nobody that mental in this country.
  4. The Shaolin monk bouncing up the stairs on his head is actually Chinese, although he is being featured on a Japanese TV show.

    But, yes, there are still plenty of strange people in Japan. If you ever visit Tokyo then get yourself down to Yoyogi Koen (park) on a Sunday to see weirdness personified
  5. I'd let them 3 birds standing at the back on the first video piss on me if they liked
  6. Ohhhhhh, yesssssssss. My personal favourites are THIS mob.

    In fairness, most of East Asia is utterly hatstand by our standards. You should see what the Koreans get up to.
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  7. This seems ok, it must be a game show where you get to live out your strange sexual fantasies on TV.

  8. They have an unusual penchant for schoolgirls. That's okay with me so they're alright in my book.
  9. If it cooks and cleans then all you'l need is one of these:
    Hell of a lot cheaper and less headaches than a real woman
  10. But can they take a punch and keep a secret?
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  11. This is from a country that gave us great cultural experiences like "tub girl" and "funnel girl".
  12. I did hear that there used to be vending machines were you could buy school girls panties.

    Never sure if that was a wind up or not.