WTF is wrong with this country?....

.....part one of a large series I suspect! ;)

From Sky News:

Police chiefs have backtracked on plans to allow officers to wear an alternative badge if they object on religious grounds to a traditional crown and cross insignia.

The proposal would have allowed Muslim officers and those of other religions to wear a crownless emblem.

But it sparked objections from traditionalists and monarchists (read 'those of sound mind') who branded it "political correctness gone mad".


Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir John Stevens has now ditched the plan after "informal consultation".

The star-shaped police badge, topped with the Crown of St Edward, has been worn by generations of police officers.

The idea of providing an alternative followed a legal action by a Muslim traffic warden employed by the Met.


M'Hammed Azzaoui, a 38-year-old Moroccan, said he could not wear the symbol of another faith. (well, you know where the door is....)

He started an employment tribunal claim for race discrimination last year which he later dropped. (Hardly surprising....what a tit!)

Under the proposal ethnic recruits joining the Met would have been able to choose to wear the traditional badge or the new version.

It had been hoped that the alternative badge would have helped the Met to meet targets for recruiting ethnic minority officers and the idea may subsequently have spread to other forces.
Thank god they saw sense.....why were they even considering it? (and wasting tax-payers money whilst doing so)

Link Here:,,30100-12085308,00.html
In answer to question raised in the subject I would answer:

Tony Blair & New Labour and all their PC baggage.  Symptom of which as per original post.
Its petty litigious people like this who are after making a fast buck that make this county slide further down the pan.  If they joined the police for the right reasons in the first place they should be proud to wear the capbadge rather that bicker about whats on it.  

Would we be able to do the same sort of thing in their country if we were in their shoes?  Methinks not.
Is it just me, or does anyone else object to our taxes being spent on illegal immigrants?  Why can't the govt see some sense for a change?
The way I see it councils, citizens advice, commisions for race etc are full of Left wing whinging liberal Ba5tards who were bullied at school just trying to get back at the rest of us "normal people", the problem lies squarely at the feet of the politicians and compounded futher by the media (most of whom can't get their sexuality right let alone their reporting).  :mad: :mad:

We are just a few degrees from a Stalinist regime, the way the present government rides roughshod over public opinion and the way it tries to discredit those with a valid complaint (i.e. rail victims, countryside dwellers) makes me sick to my stomach!! Whats next, sedative injections for protestors at the labour conference!!  ???

There, stress levels back up, blood presure is back up and moral is again down, sound familier anyone!
Simple solution to those who object to wearing and respecting the symbol of the crown because of the cross on it:

1. No use of money (you wouldn't like all those crowns)

2. No recourse to the courts (all those coats-of-arms are bound to offend)

3. No passport (the front would clearly upset you)


1. Grow up and get on with it. ;D
It's really very simple......

When in Rome......

Lets see how far you'd get, if you protested the crescent on your uniform, if you worked in an Islamic country.

Sounds like the expressway to Persona non Grata to me.

Make a stand against the PC element. At the end of the day, if you want to live and work in this (to my eyes) great country of ours, then abide by our rules and customs. We will respect your religious views, but not at the expense of our customs and laws.

No, it's not a Kleine Englander rant, just a simple cold statement. If you travel here, to escape persecution on religious , ethnic or brassick grounds, it's our ball, remember that  :mad:
Thank god there are still people out there who share decent views on this subject.  I am quite old and crusty now and in the last 10 years I have found it increasingly difficult to stand up for what I believe in.  I am not rascist but I really want to live in a country that has respect for its history and culture and is proud of its past and its cherished institutions.

While we continue to have politicians (of all parties) who are only interested in personal power this country will continue to sink further into the mire of liberal appeasement.  

I'm waiting for Toss Pot Blair to assign a civil servant to all military units in order to monitor political correctness.

I think we'd probably all better watch what we say in case we get arrested.  After all why fight crime when you can bang up dangerous radicals such as ourselves.
Much as it pains me to say it, this is one thing the Americans are very good at - swearing allegiance to the flag, citizenship exams and so on.

Personally I'm a fan of the Starship Troopers take on this, where only those prepared to undertake some form of service get the vote. Can't see the present government going for this one, though.
They'd all be disenfranchised immediately.
Have we seen any complaints from any christians working for Portsmouth council refusing to wear the badge on their vehicles?  ???

Simple solution to those who object to wearing and respecting the symbol of the crown because of the cross on it:

1. No use of money (you wouldn't like all those crowns)

2. No recourse to the courts (all those coats-of-arms are bound to offend)

3. No passport (the front would clearly upset you)


1. Grow up and get on with it. ;D
Fantastic reply Shiny!  I think you should be Home Secretary after the coup.
After the coup can we still have a go at the French? After all they are the real enemy ;D
MG - Gets my vote.  Why break the habit of the last 500 years or so?  I'll do a recce of possible invasion routes etc next week.  (The family think it is a holiday.)
It's nearly too late. Their invasion has been going on for some time and is almost complete. Asylum seekers - French SF. Sangatte - French SF trg area. TB - Think about it. Where does he always holiday. He's run by the French. The rundown of our troops. Sending all of them everywhere. But here. It's time to strike back. The underground resistance starts here.
Why can't Tony just say no for once in his poxy life.  No, you stinking illegal immigrants can't come and sponge off our infrasturcture paid for by OUR taxes. :mad: :mad: :mad:
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