WTF is wrong with some of Rear Party ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DesktopCommando, Sep 9, 2009.

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    Apart from the lack of full stops (breathe) If this IS an actual Rear Party loved one (joined today) scaring other members. Sounds like all the Armed Forces out there ? and so what if some people out there dont ring home all the time, Ive a mate who hardly ever call's her parents, and cant get on the net that often due to Op Minimis, which is understand able in the last few weeks.
  2. Oy...don't tar us ALL with the same brush, some of us are normal.......ish!
  3. :wink: I hope you aren't including yourself in that :D
  4. I'm normal......ish, as long as you're not referring to girth! Or appetite! Or being ginger! Or odour! but mostly I'm normal :D
  5. Actually 27 Sqn. RAF Regiment, joint CBRN blokes whining about having to act as a field squadron and "bigging it up" too much to the point where the parents and family are kicking off..
  6. Poppy I think the 'ish' is a big one (possibly even as vast as her alledged girth :wink: ).
  7. i am unable to open the link to rear party can some one copy/paste the offending articles so i can see pse?
  8. Rear Party link not working, quick rundown anyone?
  9. It has been holed.
  10. Its been removed by a MOD.
  11. So quick historical run down anyone?
  12. Scaremongering about conditions for the RAF folks mentioned above while deployed.
  13. post has gone, tried looking on BigBirds profile to find it (she made a comment) but not there, maybe deleted
  14. I think it said that the air conditioning only worked 22 hrs a day.
  15. oh ok i currently work for the said sqn, and i am not aware of anything major?!